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It’s Friday. I Got Nothing

So I decided to clean out my purse and do a phone dump. You’re welcome 🙂

The current contents of my purse. Big wallet, earphones, bouillon, camera (in black pouch), bday party invitation, current read, tablet, gum, mints, gloves, cosmetic bag, small wallet. Why am I carrying all this stuff?!?!

Have I mentioned how much I love my tablet? It's the perfect size and though I primarily use it as a reader, I have found myself watching movies, playing WWF, and surfing the net on it. Neat little gadget. Good job Smoochy!

My child's been whipping her hair back and forth lately. A lot.




























My work work-out. I do the stairs at the Children's Hospital 3x week. I should have the legs of a stallion. But I don't.











Her favorite activity at the Chidren's Museum.










We had a meeting in another building on campus one day. My coworkers drove. Yes, I'm standing in front of the building they drove to taking a picture of our building they drove from. O_o












We had so many birthday parties this particular weekend she fell asleep on the way from one to another. I was jealous!

I like lights.


17 thoughts on “It’s Friday. I Got Nothing

  1. Those ponytails look pretty and shiny. How much work went into those!! No nail polish in your purse? I keep at least 2 bottles in my purse at all times. Never used them, they are just there!

    • As much of a fiend as I am, I’ve never carried my polish around. There’s actually a tiny bottle in my cosmetic bag – I was trying to find the color/name at Ulta.

      That hair, that hair! I don’t want to talk about it…

  2. My purse is NOT be as neat as yours.
    Satirs = torture
    Lazy arse coworkers!
    Good Lord that is a lot of hair. LG is too cute!

    • Thank you!

      LOL! I’d gone to the health food store and they don’t like to use bags, so while I remembered to take the veggie patties and lentil out of my purse, the bouillon got left behing.

  3. I like this post. I think I’ll try this some time. My purse can be exiting or dangerous, scary or a delight, disappointing or full of surprises.

    I think I may have Tablet Envy. That looks and sounds great. Enjoy.

    LG seems to have a full dance card. She has learned to regenrate her energy between social gatherings. she takes after her grandma!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • I’d love to see what you tote around in those extremely large purses of yours!
      I’m telling you, the tablet is great. Reader + extras. Winning!

  4. Her ponytails are so cute in the pic where she’s pumping gas. I was thinking wait until she finds out how much gas costs… that won’t be her favorite activity any longer. LOL!

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