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One of the first books I read this year was what I consider a “throwaway book.”  Something I grabbed off the “recommended by” shelf at the library.  Nothing I’d set out to read, just something to pass the time.  The books was “Swapping Lives” and as you might imagine it was about two women who trade lives – the harried, married mother in America switches lives with the fabulous and free single lady in London.

Even though the book was relatively predictable, it was a good fun read and it got me to thinking – if I could switch lives with anyone, what would I want my switched life to look like?

I’d live in a bigger city (preferably one with good public transportation), I’d work a job that was more oriented toward helping people improve their lives, I’d take in fantastic cultural offerings, I’d eat Thai food on a regular basis, I’d work out more, I’d cook fantastic meals, I’d spend more time outside, and I’d have a fabulously clean and organized home.

Yeah.  Except for the city living and fantastic cultural offerings,  I can do all of that right here and right now. So I’m going to stop waiting for what I think “perfection” is and deal with what I can in my present circumstances.

What would your switched life look like?   Anything you can implement in the here and now?

NOTW: "Artist's Inspiration" by Finger Paints. Not my usual type of color, but I like it.


6 thoughts on “Switch!

  1. What would your switched life look like? Anything you can implement in the here and now?

    Hmmm I like my life just fine. If you had asked me 2 years ago it would have been something about having:

    Actively pursue acting/writing/directing – check
    The love of my life – check
    A job I love – check
    A good relationship with my family – check
    A closer relationship with God – check

    After losing a few friends and relatives over the past few years, I realize that I must learn to love the life I have, because it is not promised. I take advantage of each day and try to find joy no matter the situation. I learned to “Praise Him in the Middle of it” (Ike Nice)
    Great post!

  2. I love that most the things you want in life are attainable! AND that you realized it! So awesome! Can’t wait to hear about some things you’ve conquered!

  3. If I could switch lives with anyone my answer is easy — Anthony Bourdain. He gets to travel the world, meet amazing people and eat fabulous food. That is my fantasy life.

  4. Oh to tell the tale of my switch would take hours! I am absolutely certain I was supposed to be born a white philanthropic billionairess. LOL! 🙂

  5. If I had to switch lives I would so live the life of Tori Spelling. I think she is awesome! She is a mother and she has her own store and writes books, and does so many fun things. I love her work ethic and her ability to do what she wants.

  6. I would work for my own company or a family owned company
    I would be a gracious and generous Philanthropist .
    I would travel all over the world and have vacation homes in Greece and South Africa
    I’d have a personal chef because I really hate to cook and I hate coming up with a meal plan even more.
    I’d have a personal trainer and a fully equipped gym in my homes.

    Well I guess I’d be trying to trade places with Oprah! HA!
    But I can and will be working with my nephew at his company. I can and will be a generous (low budget) philanthropist. And I will continue to travel the world, but I’ll have to seriously work on affording those vacation homes. I guess I could time-share?

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