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I’m It!

I haven’t been tagged in a loooong time, but InnerDiva has broken that dry spell and here we are!


You must post 11 random things about yourself.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

11 Random Things About Me

1.  Every time I dance, I fully expect someone to pull my black card.  Line dances, dances with instructions?  I’m good.  Free style?  Eh.
2.  I wish I was six feet tall.
3.  I don’t like to have my feet touched at all.  I have reflexively kicked my own child when she touched my feet.  Oops.
4.  I like to be organized.  I like to sleep more.
5.  I’m not the picky eater a lot of folks think I am.  While it’s true that I don’t eat beef or pork, I’ll try almost anything once.
6.  I am bored with my closet.
7.  When I think about how cold this world is and how much hatred there is in it, I cry.
8.  I spend a lot of time at work looking at recipes, but rarely make any of them.
9.  Lately I’ve been dreaming that someone cut my locs off.  And that I had a wonderfully stylized afro that required no maintenance.
10.  I’m pretty social for a loner.
11.  I refuse to go the gym in January.  Too many resolutioners up in that joker.

Answering Inner Diva’s Questions

  1. iPhone, crackberry, or droid?  Team iPhone. Took me a long time to give up my cheap, bare bones phone but I have seen the light and love (and I do mean love) my iPhone!
  2. In your Lifetime original movie, who would play you?  Erika Alexander.  You know, Maxine Shaw from Living Single.  Maxine Shaw and I may have separated at birth.  Well, if she were real…
  3. This is a question I ask my husband all the time when we’re deciding what’s for dinner–if you were on death row (jail, not the record company), what would your last meal be?  I’d have a Mexian-Asian meal. Tacos – shrimp, fish, and carne asada.  A really good chicken verde tamale. Some chili lime chicken from the Vietnamese place.  Some vegetarian dumplings – steamed and fried.  Some of those little fried Chinese donuts along with a bowl of ice cream (butter pecan and bing cherry) for desert.  Mmmmmm.
  4. Under what circumstances, if any, would you be a guest on the Maury show?  I’m not sure I could ever be a guest on Maury – I know who my baby’s daddy is!
  5. What’s your favorite movie?  Imitation of Life. 
  6. How did you decide to live where you live right now?  Our house?  The price was right, the neighborhood is good, the schools are good.  Mississippi?  Smoochy wanted to stay close to his family.  The things we do for love…
  7. If you were a celebrity, what would you be famous for?  My dry wit and infectious personality.  Okay fine, just my dry wit.
  8. Will you miss the Twinkie?  Goodness no!
  9. What’s on your nightstand?  A lamp.  A bottle of eye drops.  A few pairs of earrings.  A thank you note.  About 15 books.  And a dead ladybug.
  10. How old were you when  you got your driver’s license, and how many tries did it take you to pass the road test? (I just want to know if I’m the only weirdo)  I was 16.  I had to take the road test twice.  But.  Only because on my first try the passenger side door flew open while I was testing and the testing lady was none too pleased.  Old drama queen…
  11. Are your ears pierced? If they are, did you get them done when you were little, or when you were older?  My ears are pierced and have been since I was a wee lass. I had my second holes done when I was 14 or 15.

My 11 Questions

1.  Is there anything you’ll eat one way, but not another?  (Like I can’t stand raw tomatoes, but love them cooked. Vice versa for carrots.)
2.  Where’s your favorite vacation spot?
3.  What 5 things would you grab if your home were about to be destroyed?
4,  What are you listening to right now?
5.  What’s the most you’d spend on a purse?
6.  Do you think we’d get a long in real life?
7.  Do you have a monthly clothing budget?
8.  What do you do when you’re bored?
9.  What surprises you most about being an adult?
10.  Do you love your hairstyle?
11.  Who’s your favorite Golden Girl?

So I think the only person I’ll tag is my mom.  She’s always looking for new blog fodder.  But if you want to tag yourself, feel free.  Or answer in the comments.  Or whatever brings you joy.


9 thoughts on “I’m It!

  1. I am picky about me feet too. My friend took me to get my first pedicure a couple of years ago. I wont do it again.
    I dont eat pork or shellfish but I am the most non-picky eater with dietary restrictions you will find.
    I look at recipes all day and rarely try them too. I am stacking the for when I become a stay at home mom and can do that stuff.

  2. I loved this! Answering your questions on my blog! Also please stop kicking your child before I am forced to contact the authorities! (Is the dead lady bug gone now? Did it come from P’s?)

  3. I don’t have a blog… Responses below! 🙂

    1. Is there anything you’ll eat one way, but not another? We are >here< with the cooked vs. raw tomatoes and carrots. Especially carrots. Cooked carrots are the worst thing ever. Too sweet and mushy. And some people actually add a sweetener to them? Blech.

    2. Where’s your favorite vacation spot? This is weird but I love staycations. Every year, I take a week off and do things that I want to do around DC. I hang out, go to museums (I'm in DC, we got museums out the wazoo), hang out in the park, try new coffee shops with laptop and book in hand and go to lectures. It's awesome. If not that, then anywhere with white sand and a beach.

    3. What 5 things would you grab if your home were about to be destroyed? Yesterday, my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night to a fire alarm and smoke in our hallway. I grabbed my purse (phone, keys and wallet) and that was it. I didn't realize it until then but I don't really have things, just people. Everything was fine.

    4, What are you listening to right now? Mumford & Sons (folk rock). They came on my Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station.

    5. What’s the most you’d spend on a purse? About $100 to $150. Marshall's is my friend.

    6. Do you think we’d get a long in real life? From your blog, you seem pretty laid back. I think I'm chill too, so probably.

    7. Do you have a monthly clothing budget? No, although I need one. I do set a cap for all my random personal spending. And clothes and for some reason CVS make up most of my personal spending in any given month.

    8. What do you do when you’re bored? Read or sleep, or both.

    9. What surprises you most about being an adult? That it came so fast and that I don't completely know what I want from life yet.

    10. Do you love your hairstyle? Some days, I do. I cut my locs off a couple years ago and I do miss how easy it was when it was short. I'm due for a change. I'm either going to wear it straight for a bit, cut it off and wear a short fro or loc it again. lol… something.

    11. Who’s your favorite Golden Girl? Dorothy.

  4. So glad you played along! I can’t believe you kicked the baby. On a side note, I hate feet. It took me 5 years to touch my husband’s big toe.

  5. 1. I love guacamole but I don’t like avocados.
    2. Thailand has been the best trip I’ve taken but there are so many other countries to explore and my passport is yearning for more stamps.
    3. My dog, my iPhone and charger (hope that counts as one), my favorite pair of jeans, my hard drive and my car keys so I can drive to a hotel.
    4, I’ve been wearing out my two tUnE-yArDs CDs.
    5. $40 is the most I’d spend on a purse.
    6. We have similar mindsets and beliefs. I think we would get along in real life.
    7. Nope. I rarely buy clothes. I’m a terrible excuse for a woman.
    8. When I’m bored, I get on my computer.
    9. How easy it is to gain weight. I used to be able to eat anything and not gain a pound.
    10. I wouldn’t call what’s on my head, a “hairstyle.”
    11. I guess Blanche because she was still sassy.

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