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9. Front Door

So, last night LG and I went to Bible study and the night’s topic was abundance and overflow.  Our pastor admonished us to live in expectation that God will do for us what He says He will do if we are faithful.  As we closed, he reminded us that the more faithful we are, the more the Devil attacks because that’s his job. Our job is to trust God and press on.

As I’m about to come across the spillway (about 10/15 minutes from my house) something says “look down at your gauges.”  I do, and my temperature gauge is dangerously close to HOT.  So I slow down and make my way across the spillway.  I stop at a gas station to let it cool down and I call Smoochy.  My dear husband goes into a panic – in the course of 3 minutes he’s told me:  his dad is going to come pick me up, to rent a car so I can get to work tomorrow, that he should’ve checked my levels this weekend and that he’ll be there to get us around midnight.  Um, sir?  Chill.  I tell him I’m going to sit for a few more minutes and try it make it home – I’m about 5 minutes away at this point.

I finally make it to the main street of my subdivision and I’m feeling pretty good that we’re going to make it home when I realize my car has totally lost power. O_o.

Thank God the street is hilly – I figure I can at least coast to the street over from ours.  And I do.  As I turn right at the stop sign I wrestle my car into the driveway of the first home on the left.  I go to the door, tell the elderly dude that I’m leaving my car there and that we’d be back to pick it up over in the night or early in the a.m.  I tell LG to button up her coat – we’re hoofing it the 1/4 mile or so home.  I call P first, but I already know she’s in church.  LG is lamenting the great tragedy that has befallen us.  Honey, this is so not a tragedy.  Calm down.  We set out for the house and about 10 minutes later we reach the best thing I’ve seen all day:

My front door 🙂










Everything has worked out just fine.  Smoochy was able to get home this morning and take my car to the shop – it should be fixed today.  Were we a little inconvenienced?  Yep.  Did everything work out with a minimum of hassle?  Yep.  God is awesome!


9 thoughts on “9. Front Door

  1. Happy you guys didn’t have far to walk. And the best part of what happened is LG will forever keep with her how you reacted to the situation.

  2. I had to LOL @ “LG is lamenting the great tragedy that has befallen us.”!!

    Kids that are used to being driven are so dramatic when they have to walk somewhere. My child is 21 and still acts like this. LOL

    I would have done exactly what you did, cool the car off and try to make it home. Pray, believe and keep it moving!

  3. I am glad that this was a teachable moment for LG and Smoochy. Glad the car has been taken care of. Dr./Mr. was ready to … uhm … help in any way he could 🙂

  4. I’m glad you made it home safely. I know that front door was every little thing when you saw it. And LOL to LG lamenting the great tragedy! It’s hilarious when people have to get on the two-feet express after being driven everywhere. Adults and children alike sometimes have total meltdowns when faced with the prospect of walking less than a mile. Anyway, God is always good, even when the situation may not be.

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