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So…I’m sitting at work sharpening pencils (oh, it’s glamorous around here y’all) when the phone rings.  I recognize the number from LG’s school.  I answer and find myself talking to LG’s substitute teacher.

The substitute tells me that she told LG to stop playing in the sink and to come out of the bathroom.

LG told her “no, I don’t want to” and kept playing in the water.

Sub told her again.  LG replies “I already told you, I’m playing. I don’t want to come out.”

Sub tells her that she’s going to get the principal.  LG tells her “fine, I’ll come out but only because you’re threatening to tell on me.”


I ask to speak to LG and she confirms the story.

What, dear reader, would you do if this was your child talking jazzy to a teacher?  I really, really wanna know!!!!


20 thoughts on “WWYD

  1. I don’t have kids so I’m not experienced in these matters. However, I would start with my child writing a nice letter of apology to the teacher. Then she would have to publicly apologize to the class for her disruption. I’m sure it was minor but she did take the Sub away from more important things. Finally, she would be on restriction for a week from the stuff she likes (TV, computer, etc). During the restricted time she would read books on manners and write me a report.

  2. I did laugh reading this. I love that she was honest with you. I probably would have promised a spanking on the phone. Even though the exchange was funny I know it’s not something you want to happen again. Lovegirl reminds me of my middle daughter in so many ways! Even though I said spanking, I think a good talking to might be better. Explain why the behavior was unacceptable and that you don’t expect it to happen again. Lovegirl is smart and I know she will understand.

  3. I wold give her a goooood . . . talking to — again. I would also set up an appointment with the principal and the regular teacher and provide them with instances that let them know that the work that LG is/is not doing is not challenging enough. Much of her discipline issues are due to her not being challenged or stimulated.

    If water is not intersting than the classroom material, someone needs to reassess.

  4. Wow. I’m thinking what my parents would have done…licks. And embarrassment in front of the class, and then punishment–no TV, no birthday party or whatever kid event was going on.

  5. I’d ask her why she thought it was ok to talk to an adult that way. Then i’d go over rules and expectations (because I love a good lecture) and tell her the consequences (probably a beating) she will face if I ever got another call about her disrespecting adults.

  6. Well…I have a boy. In the 5th grade he walked up on the teacher and got in her face. LAWD……… I beat that boy right in the school. His father had to pull me off of him. Some things get a punishment and some things get you whooped! Acting a fool in school gets you whooped. Now i know LG is a little girl, but most of us were too. And we know we would have gotten TAGGED for acting up in school. IMO a spanking is in order. Fear of you IS a good thing.

  7. If this was the first offense of the sort she would get yelled at. Like scare the ish out of her. If this is not the first time no talking, straight spanking.

  8. I’m with onefromphilly on this one. There are punishments and then there are spankings. When it comes to school and acting crazy outside of my presence, that calls for a serious spanking, a lecture, AND a public apology. I go hard in the paint, lol.

    Sooooo….what did you do?

  9. I think it is funny how many people said, “Beat her”. The violence in the mere phrase is unfathomable to be an answer as to how to discipline my child. As someone who got beatings, it didn’t make me a better child or a better behaved child. It taught me to fear my parents and hide things from them. It didn’t teach me real world consequences for my actions because in the real world a “beating” is not a normal consequence for falling out of line. Beating children shows a lack of creativity along with teaching a propensity for violence, IMO. As much as black people beat and advocate beating their children, you’d think our race would be chock full of model citizens and not one with the highest percentage of those incarcerated (even w/ society’s propensity to throw the book at us).

    I say all that to say, an apology to her teacher is in order along with taking away of whatever privilege she enjoys and loves for about a week. I’d also ask her why she did what she did, the playing in the water and the disrespecting her teacher, if this is a rare occurrence, I’m sure she’ll learn her lesson.

  10. I don’t have kids but the older I get, the less likely it seems that I’d want to spank a kid. I just don’t have it in me anymore.

    I’d have to talk to her or find another way to punish her. I think the only times that I’d really be able to spank a child is if they were putting themselves in physical danger. And even that’s a maybe. I’m a softie.

  11. Oh REALLY! I’m hard core. You so grown to smart mouth a teacher/elder/person in authority, then you can take this beat down I’m bout to deliver like a GAW that you are. *Commence the beatings, until attitude improves*

  12. It depends on the teacher. My kids go to public school and some of those folk teach as a last resort. My general rule is be respectful even if the teacher is a young fool. I can’t support and defend you at the same time.

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