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So What Happened Was…

I picked LG up yesterday and once we got home I asked her to tell me what happened.

*They pull sticks for misbehavior.  Three sticks pulled in one day=a write up.  We’ve told LG that write ups warrant spankings*

LG pulled a stick that morning for talking.  I know, you’re shocked!

Later on the teacher told them to stop breaking the points off their pencils.  LG went up to the teacher and confessed that she’d broken her pencil point.  2nd stick pulled.

They now have bathroom monitors (their classmates).  The rule is no talking in the bathroom.  LG talked.

The teacher told LG to come out of the bathroom.  LG didn’t want to because she thought she was going to have to pull her third stick so she refused.  The teacher told her again to come out and LG was explaining (from inside the bathroom) that she didn’t want to come out but that she wasn’t playing in the sink like the teacher thought she was.

She came out the bathroom.  The third stick was pulled.  I was called.

So…I didn’t spank her.  I gave her a long lecture (Mrs Count – you would’ve been so happy!) about respect, facing the consequences of your behavior, etc., etc.  No TV, iPod, or DS for the week and she’s not going to Girl Scouts on Thursday. And if I ever get another phone call because she’s blatantly disrespected the teacher it is on.

We shall see!


14 thoughts on “So What Happened Was…

  1. I understand. It’s not like she got off easy. I hope the lesson sticks with her.

    I was a talker in school too so I also understand how hard it can be for her not to talk, especially if her work is easy. When you’re finished, what else is there to do? I get it.

  2. I’ve always been a chatty chic. I don’t think that LG should have had to pull a 2nd stick when she admitted to it. Isn’t there something to be said for that? anywhoo ^5 to you.

  3. I,too was a talker in school as well as being more advanced than my peers so I would finish my work early and want to gab. I got in trouble for it at school, too. Luckily, I later got a teacher that took my propensity to finish early to let me do something I enjoyed until the other kids were finished. I was allowed to go to the “reading corner” pick a book off the bookshelf and read while the rest of the kids were doing their work. I then got tested for the school’s talented & gifted program and was able to do things with other advanced children in our “TAG” class once a week, which I looked forward to. Maybe LG can do something like that. I didn’t know that schools were making it so you can’t talk in school bathrooms anymore.

  4. I’m not a teacher but seems like she did nothing to me. I have my report cards from grade schools. I use to make straight As and Bs and Cs in behavior b/c I talked. When tyler gets in trouble for “talking” I don’t even fuss anymore. I think he got it honest.

    • I’m not opposed to spanking. It’s a last resort but I do spank. I don’t believe in beating, slapping, randomly hitting…

      Did you think I was opposed?

      • Really? And here I thought I was going all hard in the paint! LG probably thinks I’m a punk!

        I will say this – I spank her a lot less than I thought I would. If I’m ever able to formulate my thoughts I’ll post them.

  5. Way to go mom! I admire LG’s honesty–she’s truthful even when it means getting into trouble, so you must be doing something right!

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