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Friday Five

  1. Y’all.  I’ve really, truly started tracking the books I’m reading.  Check out “Book Nook 2012” if you are so inclined.  It’s right there at the top of the page…
  2. Speaking of books, don’t forget that we’re coming together on Monday to discuss Henrietta Lacks.  I can’t wait!!!
  3. I absolutely adore the My Fitness Pal app.  While I am still consuming way more sugar than I should be, I at least have my caloric intake under control and I’m pretty sure I’ll be at my goal weight by mid-April at the latest.
  4. I bought a new top coat last night – Essie’s “Good To Go.”  I’m not good.  My manicure is less than 24 hours old and there’s already wear at the tips.  For $10 a bottle, I need Essie to do better.
  5. Operation Get Smoochy Another Job is in full effect. And by full effect I mean I’ve been praying that he get a job at the Nissan plant.  I’m ready for him to come off the road.  We shall see…

2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I have 35 books downloaded to my Kindle. I’m out of control.

    So far I’ve read 7. I tend to read 2 at one time.

    I’m reading #8 and #9 now.

    I think this Kindle is making me think I’m a speed reader.

    AND free books or $.99 books are causing me to read some silliness that I would never pay for. LOL

    I have to confess that some are a really funny and stupid. The bad part is that I’m sure the author didn’t mean for it to be. LOL

    I’m starting the Tony Horton 10 minute Trainer and I’ve joined a FB fitness group. I got on the scale on Tuesday and I sreamed!! Lenten sacrifices help me jump start my fitness.

    April is also my target date to reach my weight and fitness goal.

    I hope that Smoochy gets that job!

  2. I have hundreds of books downloaded…I’ve read ONE lol. GOtta do better.

    April is my target date also for my weight. I NEED to feel better so I can get back to it!

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