A Milli, A Milli, A Milli

Forget “a” milli – what about 540 milli?!?!?  Man, the lottery is bananas – and you can bet your sweet bippy I told Smoochy to buy us a couple of tickets since he was in Louisiana.  Can’t win if you don’t play!!

So of course, I started playing “what would I do if we won?”  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Tithe.
  • Pay off everybody I owe. With a smile 🙂
  • Fix up my house.  Give it away.
  • Buy two houses.  One in the US (I’m thinking Texas) and one overseas (somewhere with a beach). The overseas house would be large or a compound to accommodate everybody at once.
  • $1 million for each sibling.
  • $1 million each – my parents, my FIL, my grandma, my ex SIL.
  • College funds for LG and each niece and nephew.
  • Cash gifts for a few people.
  • I’d start a small academy. Open from 6a-6p. Quality education and aftercare. 3 hot meals. Tuition would be nominal, basically a matter of principle.
  • The rest is going in the bank.  Well, after I buy a new whip.  I’ve always wanted a BMW…

What would you do/buy/give if you won?


Monday Morning Randoms

  • This weekend – Sunday morning to be precise – I acted a fool.  I was tired and yelled at both Smoochy and LG for not leaving me the hell alone and letting me sleep. It was not one of my finer moments in life. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tickled at the way they stayed out of my way the rest of the day.
  • Saturday my child was in an ice cream eating contest.  You pay the entrance fee for a chance to be in the contest (part of a fund-raiser for the children’s hospital). Wouldn’t you know it, she was picked. I was like “LG are you trying to win?”  “No Mama. I just want to eat some ice cream. And I thought I’d let the people look at me while I’m enjoying my ice cream.”  Alrightie then….If you’re wondering, she did not win. She ate 1.5 cups of ice cream in 5 minutes. The kid that won ate 7.
  • My boss’ administrative assistant is a trip. She is so…subservient acting. She jumps up when he comes in the room, takes his coat off for him, hangs up his tie, talks all breathy/sexy (I call her Marilyn Monroe), etc. I think it’s beyond crazy. So I’ve been making a concerted effort at keeping a “neutral face” whenever I see them interact.  Apparently it’s not working because a coworker asked my why I always look crazy when dealing with the admin. Oops.
  • Otterbox rocks. The case I had for my phone was all kinds of torn up. I called their customer service and they sent me a new one gratis, no hassle. Color me impressed.
  • My middle brother set us all up on a family text thingie – and we’ve been using it a lot.  It’s a great way to stay in touch and keep everybody updated on little happenings. I’ll give you three guesses as to who opted out yesterday because we maxed out his texts.  Yes. My youngest brother. I shall continue to pray for restoration. But really, I’m through trying to stay in touch with him.
  • I’m pretty sure that castor oil is not helping me grown any eyebrows/eyelashes. But they’re all shiny and moisturized so I guess I’ll stick with the regimen.
  • I bought some chinos from Target. They’re an orange-ish color. I like them. Everyone – from Smoochy to LG to a stranger at Saturday’s carnival has remarked about my “weird” pants. They’re obviously not as fashion-forward as I am 🙂
  • My parents are going to South Africa for about a week.  Color me jealous. And pray for their health and safety if you pray. Please.

Look at that girl! She's got the eye of the tiger! A fiercer competitor has never been seen!!

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled and Do Not Be Afraid

My heart? Is troubled.

I am usually able to bounce (or walk) through life without too many things bothering me on a regular basis.  Not to imply that my life is perfect or anything close to it, but one of the lessons I have learned from my mother (and try to apply) is “don’t worry about it.”  Or, as Smoochy likes to say “if you’re going to pray, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry, don’t pray.”

But I tell you what. My spirit is just restless.

From the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin to the war being waged on women in the political arena to the hatred spewed by people all over the world – particularly here in these great United States, my heart just hurts.

I pray for Smoochy’s safety every day.  I pray for the safety of my father and my brothers. To know that they are “suspicious looking” just by virtue of the color of their skin and could be shot down in cold blood makes me want to cry. This is 2012. Why are we fighting the same battles that we were fighting 200 years ago?  Why are we the only people who as a group have to prove that we are “safe.” That we are “friendly?”  (Did I ever tell y’all that the lady who fired me 5 years told me I didn’t look friendly and that perhaps I should wear kinder colors like pink?  O_o.)  It is 2012 and there are governors who are comfortable saying they felt “threatened” by the President of the United States of America. Lord have mercy.

I remember a road trip Smoochy and I took from AR to MS one school break. We got pulled over in some speed trap little city.  Smoochy jumped out the car, got his wallet out his back pocket and stood there waiting for the policeman to approach the car.  Me?  I was in the car screaming and yelling “get in the car! Get in the car! Oh God, you’re going to get shot! Smoochy, please get back in the car!”  Well, he didn’t get shot. But I’d seen enough news stories and read enough newspapers to know that black men get shot for less almost daily in this country.  In Mississippi – at least at that time – I guess it was not out of the ordinary to exit your car when pulled over by the law.  In California, black men were being shot in their driveway, by police, for less. Thankfully, Smoochy doesn’t jump out the car when he gets pulled over anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying as he travels the roads of this country.  And those that lead to our home.

I was going to write a bit about the anti-woman sentiment that seems to have been taken up by a number of legislators.  But I don’t feel like it right now.

This ish sucks.



  • I may be the only black person in America who didn’t watch the interview with the Houston family last night. I don’t need to watch an interview to know how anyone feels about the loss of a loved one. I heard it was good though.
  • But I did watch the foolishness that is RHOA. Cynthia’s mom and sister are horrible, horrible people. I understand being concerned about your daughter/sister’s choice of a husband (really, I do) but at the end of the day Cynthia is a grown woman who is happy with the choice she’s made. Move along.
  • And why doesn’t Marlo have enough sense not to even bother lying about something she said  and that was captured on tape??  Come on lady – you used the word that “starts with f and rhymes with maggot” quit fronting like you didn’t.
  • Spent Sunday afternoon at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. As much as I loathe that place, it is always, always good for entertainment. From the women looking like they just left the club to the dudes there trying to find dates and everyone in between it really is quite hilarious.
  • This week is Spring Break and one of the few times a year that I wish I was a stay-at-home or work-at-home mother. I really feel bad that my kiddo still has to get up at the crack of dawn so she can go to daycare. I can’t think of the last time she’s just slept in that she wasn’t sick. I think I’m taking Friday off so she can just chill.
  • Smoochy took LG and my nieces to see The Lorax this weekend. Of course the girls came over and played for a few hours. I told one niece that she’d had enough juice, to drink water. She told me she didn’t drink tap water. Reason #45567 that I only mess with certain kids on a regular basis.
  • I’m tired. In a few weeks I will appreciate the extra daylight that Daylight Saving Time brings. But right now? Not so much. I miss that extra hour.
  • I’ve decided this is the week that whatever doesn’t fit in LG’s 7 or 8 toy boxes/ottomans is going to be thrown and/or given away. The amount of stuff that child has and that is strewn all over the house is embarrassing. We’re going to work on it a little each night until we come up with something that both of us can deal with. And by both of us, I totally mean me.
  • I can’t remember if I’d ever mentioned that I was using and loving the My Fitness Pal app? Anyhoo, I thought I’d been tracking myself long enough and could use what I’d learned about my eating habits and give up the app. Not so much. I need to see what I’ve been consuming to stay on track. Back to the app I go.
  • Anybody ever used the oil cleansing method on their face? My skin is very acne-prone and the only thing that clears it up totally is birth control pills or pregnancy. Neither of which interest me…so I’m giving this OCM a try and am hoping it’ll help balance out my skin. I’m using a mix of castor and jojoba oils. If some minor miracle occurs, I’ll let you know!
  • I guess that’s it. Life’s been on a pretty even keel and though more drama would make for more interesting blog fodder, I’ll still with the calmness. 🙂

Have a great week!


  • Did y’all read about this judge and the email he sent because he is “anti-Obama?” SMH – the struggle is real.
  • I think I wear my clothes too big. But I’m not comfortable wearing them too small. Which side do you err on?
  • My beloved husband will be 40 next week. My plan – get a group of folks together at a restaurant and celebrate easy-peasy style.  His plan? Have a cookout “or something” at the house. Sigh. Have I mentioned how much I don’t like “entertaining” people?
  • I was thinking about doing a “no-buy” month this month (for me). I’m thinking I may just give myself $50 for the month instead.
  • Do you think illegals are taking jobs from Americans? I live in a state where most people are easily identifiable as American and are either white or black.  I’d love to hear what those of you in areas with more diverse populations think.
  • Question – did you go to grad school – or undergrad for that matter – at a PWI?  Did you find that you and your classmates segregated by race? My boss is really troubled that the black med students are segregating themselves, but I think it’s pretty much par for the course and doesn’t have anything to do with medical school per se.  I told him the socialization in medical school looks a lot like socialization outside of medical school. Thoughts?
  • If all goes well – and I expect that it will – LG will start karate lessons this weekend.  Be afraid.  Very afraid.
  • My car acted a fool yesterday and got as close to running hot as it possibly could without actually doing so.  Turns out I needed a new sensor and it hadn’t run hot at all.  I am claiming two more years out of this car – please and thank you!
  • What’s up for the weekend?  I foresee a lot of cleaning and straightening up in my future.  Boo!