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  • Did y’all read about this judge and the email he sent because he is “anti-Obama?” SMH – the struggle is real.
  • I think I wear my clothes too big. But I’m not comfortable wearing them too small. Which side do you err on?
  • My beloved husband will be 40 next week. My plan – get a group of folks together at a restaurant and celebrate easy-peasy style.  His plan? Have a cookout “or something” at the house. Sigh. Have I mentioned how much I don’t like “entertaining” people?
  • I was thinking about doing a “no-buy” month this month (for me). I’m thinking I may just give myself $50 for the month instead.
  • Do you think illegals are taking jobs from Americans? I live in a state where most people are easily identifiable as American and are either white or black.  I’d love to hear what those of you in areas with more diverse populations think.
  • Question – did you go to grad school – or undergrad for that matter – at a PWI?  Did you find that you and your classmates segregated by race? My boss is really troubled that the black med students are segregating themselves, but I think it’s pretty much par for the course and doesn’t have anything to do with medical school per se.  I told him the socialization in medical school looks a lot like socialization outside of medical school. Thoughts?
  • If all goes well – and I expect that it will – LG will start karate lessons this weekend.  Be afraid.  Very afraid.
  • My car acted a fool yesterday and got as close to running hot as it possibly could without actually doing so.  Turns out I needed a new sensor and it hadn’t run hot at all.  I am claiming two more years out of this car – please and thank you!
  • What’s up for the weekend?  I foresee a lot of cleaning and straightening up in my future.  Boo!

22 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. I went to a PWI and the black students hung around each other. I think the reason is finding people you can relate to. I went to an engineering school!

    • I think it’s natural to try to relate to people that look like you, and may feel like a minority. I’m an engineer and I find that the women at my company gravitate towards each other as well.

  2. I like my clothing loose. I need to be comfortable.
    Illegals in my area,Charlotte, NC generally work in construction and landscaping. There may be those who work in other areas but I doubt it. They usually work in jobs that can pay them under the table at less than minimum wage. So if you are looking for a job in those professions I guess they are.

  3. I read that article and….SMDH is all I will say about that.

    I am doing a “No buy” this month and I’m now wishing I gave myself an allowance of $50-100 instead. Pray for me.

    I went to both a HBCU and PWI for Undergrad. I am in Grad now and go to a PWI. At my PWI, for the most part they are separated by race. I have to agree w/ Danielle though. It’s natural to be drawn to those you can relate with.

    This weekend will be dedicated to cleaning, homework and mass amounts of chilling!

    • I was going to say your college experience mirrors my high school years, but when I really think about it I knew a lot of people from different races, but at the end of the day, my friends were all black.

  4. Do you think illegals are taking jobs from Americans?

    Please don’t get me started on illegals. As far as jobs I can’t really comment cause I don’t think we are competing for the same positions but salaries here are so low because so many people are willing to do it for less. I believe that is the by product of legal and illegal immigration from Mexico. When you’ve lived off 30 pesos a year for ever a $9 an hour job is a godsend. I think it drives wages down in a lot of sectors.

    And do you know LA just passed a bill that allows illegal aliens with no drivers license who get pulled over to call the owner of the car and have them pick up and they can avoid the automatic 30 day impound?? That makes me furious. If I do the exact same thing I don’t get a phone call and I don’t get my car for 30 days.

    I went to a PWI and I think people gravitate to where they are comfortable. In my experiences the PWI also try to makeminorities comfortable by having cultural centers and such and that just helps promote the segregation. At my school we had a AA cultural center, a women’s center, a latino center, and asian center, an indian center and a LGBT center plus our own graduation ceremonies. Why go kick it in the student union when we had our own smaller student union with folks who liked like us?

    • Your comments mirror some of the things my mother has said about illegal immigrants. I think there are decidedly different – or at least more intense – sentiments expressed by folks from states with high numbers of illegals. That impound thing? Ridiculous!

      Interesting point that “inclusion” is actually helping foster segregation.

  5. Re: Illegals and jobs
    Having lived on both coasts the common theme is they do the jobs that are needed that others dont want to do. Cyn makes a very good point about salaries being so low – but I’m not sure that they are taking jobs away from American citizens; (btw when you say Americans – do you mean natural born or naturalized? because naturalized citizens are doing many high tech jobs that americans cannot do).

    Education – I did not go to an HBCU for undergrad or grad.
    I think people will always self segregate but it doesnt only have to be by race. It may start with race, but then you may further divide based on gender, lifestyle, etc.
    As a minority, when you’re in a crowd, your mind tends to initially look for someone who looks like you.

    Entertaining is fun and worthwhile – why not make it a New Year’s goal?

  6. “My boss is really troubled that the black med students are segregating themselves, but I think it’s pretty much par for the course and doesn’t have anything to do with medical school per se. I told him the socialization in medical school looks a lot like socialization outside of medical school. Thoughts?”

    I think that is GREAT that he has picked up on this, it’s a DEFINITE cause of concern for Black students and his school’s goals for diversity. As a med student myself, I find that the isolation us Blacks do has significantly decreased our academic and professional opportunities. it’s a large reason why we as a group do much more poorly than our white classmates on exams, and why in the future, when positions come up and the “ol boys (and girls) club” are discussing candidates they know who will be perfect, we will be absent from the recall list. We won’t be part of the “oh yeah, my classmate from med school would be great for ____!”

    Part of it, yes, does have to do with societal norms. A larger part, at least at my school (and this comes from comparing my school to those of my friends) is this attitude of pretentiousness and sheltering of my classmates. They’ve never had to interact with people of color. They don’t know how to. I reach out to them, and still get met with cordial acquaintance, not the arm of true friendship they extend to our other classmates who share a common background. So, simply put, I stopped reaching out. I’ve withdrawn into my cocoon of myself and fellow Black students. We’ve actually gave ourselves a name-“The Blanket”, the shroud of blackness that we form when we all sit together in a corner of the lecture hall LOL. I recognize now, that I should’ve NEVER given up on trying to assimilate, and I urge Black students under me not to do the same. Be persistent. Make those connections. Get in their face. That’s what WE can do as students. What the administration could do is to actively seek to diversify their student body, on both ends, even if it costs them high ranking average incoming GPA/MCAT scores. Don’t be so quick to hire the White child of two doctors from Connecticut. Take another look at fulfilling your Black/diversity quota with that first generation Nigerian student from Harvard. We distinguish ourselves, and out of the maybe 8 (number for example) African-American students in our program, we only call 3 of us “real black”. “Real Black” in that we actively identify with our culture, we don’t ignore each other, and are the ones that are most likely to return and serve the communities which we were recruited to help reduce disparities. Unfortunately, being “real Black” comes at a cost of being left out from the rest of the class.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m just speaking from personal heartache. Hope I’ve made sense.

    • I meant to add-in the other school’s I’m comparing mine too, I see my Black friends integrating comfortably with the rest of the class. Their school may not be as highly ranked as mine, but it is clear that their admissions department sought to diversify the class in both race/SES and personality. Most of my class are Type AAA pretentious snobs. Those are present at EVERY med school, but at my friends’ schools, they are not the majority. As a result the class dynamic is much more relaxed and interactive.

      • You made a lot of sense. I’ve long thought that until whites made a serious effort to be truly inclusive, social segregation will continues.

        We have quite a few of those AAA-type students here as well. The impression that I get from most of the black students is that they’re just trying to make it through – head down, nose to the grindstone type mentality where the others do utilize this as an opportunity to network and form friendships that they will call upon for the rest of their lives.

  7. I wear my clothes to fit. Too big and I feel like I’m swimming, too small and I look like a whale. So I try to go with fit but I will err on the side of big b/c too small clothes are NOT comfortable.

    I modified the no-buy month challenge. I got an allowance of $40 per pay period (total of $80). I did well for February. I went $8 over. It’s amazing to see how much you have left over.

    I don’t think illegals are taking jobs in America. Chances are, they’re doing jobs that legitimate Americans won’t do. I used to live in an area that had a lot of migrant workers. They picked fruit in the fields. You already know OUR people ain’t having that. #Dejavu

    I attended a PWI for undergrad and heck, law school, too, for that matter. It is a natural tendency to gravitate toward your own people. That’s just a sociological thing. Does your boss have a suggestion on how to integrate said med students????

    • Fitted is preferred, but usually not happening around these parts. I’m too big to be a 10 and too small to be a 12. I’m trying to see if losing these last few pounds will put me back in 10s for good!

      I’ve seen so much stuff I want to buy now that I’m on a budget. Boo! So far, I’ve spent $15. There’s an cobalt blue pencil skirt calling my name – I’m going to try to hold out…we shall see.

      Boss doesn’t have any ideas. He wanted to know if the black students saw it as a problem that needed to be rectified – he didn’t want to assume. We’ve not talked about it further, but I maintain that the majority should put forth efforts to include the minority students. The onus shouldn’t be on the minorities to fight their way into the social circles. I think…

      • the onus is always on the minority..the folks in charge don’t really understand what it means to be at the bottom of the barrel, and the only way they will truly know is if someone who is not them schools them.

  8. Re black med students segregating themselves: I’m a black med student, and yes, my closest friends are black. Why? Because they’re the people who get me the most and whom I get the most. Yes I’ve learnt a lot from my non-black classmates and yes, I get along well with most of them but again the people I’ve studied with and generally walked most closely with are black. That said, not all the black folk are my closest and best…..so it’s not necessarily all 9 black kids only hanging out with each other. As with any environment, people break up into groups of friends and some of those groups may have more black folk than others, some groups will be all white etc etc. I don’t think its that big a deal.

  9. I’m in between sizes right now, so I can’t really find things that fit just right. When I do, I buy a few in different colors. I’m working on getting to the next size down. Every store has different sizing, so I don’t really get too upset if I have to size up to be comfy. I will not be a stuffed sausage just to say I’m in a smaller size.

    I attended a PWI for undergrad and grad. I found that in undergrad, the black students hung around each other more, but in grad school it was less segregated. I was kind of happy for the self-segregation in undergrad though, because I went to a 95% white private school for 12 years beforehand. It was nice to be around more people who were like me. I floated around social groups though, so I didn’t segregate myself if that makes sense.

  10. I wear them too big. I’m so behind in my blog reading! Happy belated birthday Smoochy! Hope it was a good one. No, I think that illegals and immigrants want to work, and will often do the jobs that regular Americans frown upon and think are beneath them. I went to a PWI and yup, black folks in general segregated themselves. I had some non black friends, but the majority were black.

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