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Monday Morning Randoms

  • This weekend – Sunday morning to be precise – I acted a fool.  I was tired and yelled at both Smoochy and LG for not leaving me the hell alone and letting me sleep. It was not one of my finer moments in life. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tickled at the way they stayed out of my way the rest of the day.
  • Saturday my child was in an ice cream eating contest.  You pay the entrance fee for a chance to be in the contest (part of a fund-raiser for the children’s hospital). Wouldn’t you know it, she was picked. I was like “LG are you trying to win?”  “No Mama. I just want to eat some ice cream. And I thought I’d let the people look at me while I’m enjoying my ice cream.”  Alrightie then….If you’re wondering, she did not win. She ate 1.5 cups of ice cream in 5 minutes. The kid that won ate 7.
  • My boss’ administrative assistant is a trip. She is so…subservient acting. She jumps up when he comes in the room, takes his coat off for him, hangs up his tie, talks all breathy/sexy (I call her Marilyn Monroe), etc. I think it’s beyond crazy. So I’ve been making a concerted effort at keeping a “neutral face” whenever I see them interact.  Apparently it’s not working because a coworker asked my why I always look crazy when dealing with the admin. Oops.
  • Otterbox rocks. The case I had for my phone was all kinds of torn up. I called their customer service and they sent me a new one gratis, no hassle. Color me impressed.
  • My middle brother set us all up on a family text thingie – and we’ve been using it a lot.  It’s a great way to stay in touch and keep everybody updated on little happenings. I’ll give you three guesses as to who opted out yesterday because we maxed out his texts.  Yes. My youngest brother. I shall continue to pray for restoration. But really, I’m through trying to stay in touch with him.
  • I’m pretty sure that castor oil is not helping me grown any eyebrows/eyelashes. But they’re all shiny and moisturized so I guess I’ll stick with the regimen.
  • I bought some chinos from Target. They’re an orange-ish color. I like them. Everyone – from Smoochy to LG to a stranger at Saturday’s carnival has remarked about my “weird” pants. They’re obviously not as fashion-forward as I am 🙂
  • My parents are going to South Africa for about a week.  Color me jealous. And pray for their health and safety if you pray. Please.

Look at that girl! She's got the eye of the tiger! A fiercer competitor has never been seen!!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randoms

  1. I had no idea that people acted like your coworker in any place other than on TV. I think I would grimace at that too.

    I was waiting to hear from you about that castor oil. Maybe I will try it on my lashes anyway.

  2. Wow @ your younger brother. LOL @ Lovegirl and her ice cream mission. Castor oil??? Really?? I’m gonna have to look into that. I’ve yet to perfect my neutral face, so I stopped trying.

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