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A Milli, A Milli, A Milli

Forget “a” milli – what about 540 milli?!?!?  Man, the lottery is bananas – and you can bet your sweet bippy I told Smoochy to buy us a couple of tickets since he was in Louisiana.  Can’t win if you don’t play!!

So of course, I started playing “what would I do if we won?”  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Tithe.
  • Pay off everybody I owe. With a smile 🙂
  • Fix up my house.  Give it away.
  • Buy two houses.  One in the US (I’m thinking Texas) and one overseas (somewhere with a beach). The overseas house would be large or a compound to accommodate everybody at once.
  • $1 million for each sibling.
  • $1 million each – my parents, my FIL, my grandma, my ex SIL.
  • College funds for LG and each niece and nephew.
  • Cash gifts for a few people.
  • I’d start a small academy. Open from 6a-6p. Quality education and aftercare. 3 hot meals. Tuition would be nominal, basically a matter of principle.
  • The rest is going in the bank.  Well, after I buy a new whip.  I’ve always wanted a BMW…

What would you do/buy/give if you won?


9 thoughts on “A Milli, A Milli, A Milli

  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t think or plan, I’d just live. Aside from taking care of my mom and daughter for life, my first item up for business would be a 1-2 year vacation to explore the entire world. Then whatever’s clever.

  2. 1. I’d disappear for about a month to get my mind right.
    2. Pay tithes. THEN go to the mall and buy whatever the heezy I want. Now that that’s out of my system:
    3. Pay off all our debt.
    4. Buy a house in Memphis, and one for Tim’s sister wherever she wants it.
    5. Create trust funds for the kids.
    6. Pay off the houses of my parents and Tim’s sister, all of my uncles and aunts; and give my mom’s church a wad of cash.
    7. Give each one of them a million dollars.
    8. Cash gifts for some cousins to get them on thier feet.
    9. Cash gifts for some friends.
    10. Start a non-profit something and give Nadia her own division to run.

    • I thought the same thing when i read it but a mil is a lot of money! and im sure if her parents ever needed for anything she’s make sure it was covered.

      • LOL! I’d give them a million each – that would do those jokers nicely, believe me! And I’d be willing to make them interest-free loans in the future should the need ever arise 😉

  3. Give to my lord in whatever way i choose

    I’d pay off my parents mortgage. They’d both be retire and I’ve give them a couple mill each

    I have 5 siblings and i would make sure they all had a house paid off and a some money for property taxes and what not

    My daughter and all of my nieces and nephews would have college funds

    My daughter would have an account in her name with her own money for when she is of age

    My granny would never have to worry her beautiful head about money ever again

    I’d buy myself a house ( regular size)

    I’d go back to school and become a therapist

    I’d damn sure quit my job!

    Then I’d just live my life.

    as you can see I’ve kinda already thought this out lol

  4. Am I wrong for not thinking of Jesiis first?? No tithes here.

    I would have (past tense because I know I didn’t win)…

    Take great care of the people in my life who are working hard to make something real and can’t do it on corporate America salary.

    Quit my job via text message? Shit yes I would!

    Spend the rest of my years traveling to random places and acting like I didn’t have money. Yup.

    And then I would give and give and give more to all the unsuspecting people in my life who have made an impact and/or who never once asked for anything. I would randomly gift. That’s my own personal Jesiis.

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