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This Weekend


In my mind:  LG would attend a girl’s conference at church. She’d be there from 8a-3p. I would drop her off, go work out, meet a friend for brunch, head to the house, grab a few hours of sleep, go pick the kid up and we’d head home to hang out with Smoochy. The day would be relaxing.

In reality:  LG attended a girl’s conference at church. She also volunteered us for a 2:00 fashion show.  I took her church,  helped her check in, stayed for a while to make sure she was okay. My friend called to say she was making a trip to the ATL and couldn’t meet for brunch.  I headed to Waffle House and placed a to go order.  Then I went to Old Navy to see what their $8 cardigans were talking about. I didn’t like the ones for adults, but picked one up for LG along with a few tshirts and a pair of shorts. I went home and ate cold Waffle House. I washed every article in the clothing in the house that wasn’t hung up or in a drawer. I grabbed a garbage bag, filled it with stuff I thought LG and Smoochy wouldn’t miss and threw it out.  I showered and headed over to the church to rip the runway with my child. She’d won a pink feather boa, so she added that to her ensemble and strutted down the runway like her name was Tyra Banks.  I walked out looking like a deer in headlights and thanked the Lord I didn’t fall. We then headed to an art sale at a local mall. A couple of friends met us there and we strolled around in the heat until we thought we were going to pass out.  LG spent some time splashing in the splash pad while I sipped on some of the most disgusting iced tea ever. Three shades darker and exhausted we headed home.  Stopping, of course, by Baskin Robbins on the way in.  Cherries Jubilee for me, some horrid pop rocks filled sherbert for her.  We watched the Kid’s Choice Awards and then I went upstairs and crashed. My knowledge of what Smoochy and LG did the rest of the night is very limited. And by limited I mean nonexistent. The day was exhausting.


In my mind:  I’d get up, fix a good breakfast, we’d all head to church.  After church we’d take a nap and slowly putter around and get ready for the week ahead.

In reality:  LG begged me to let her stay home.  And I did.  I went to church where the service was excellent and I somehow signed up to tutor/mentor kids on Mondays – adios Zumba 😦  I then headed to the grocery store and home.  Meatballs were made, clothes were hung up/folded and put away, a nap was taken by me.  I woke up to a kinda clean kitchen and a kid who’d stuffed herself with Oreos.  Smoochy headed out for the week and after bathing, combing hair and straightening up, LG and I were done for. She went to bed, I watched most of the COG on BET and called it a night.

Oh, the excitement of it all!  How was your weekend?  How did it compare to what you’d envisioned?

Mama's long, leggy girl!

C-O-O-L. What's that spell? She's so cool!


5 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. The weekend was good. Always busier than I anticipate it being, but overall good. I’m cracking up at Lovegirl “volunteering” you for the fashion show, then you getting roped into tutoring/mentoring. Your time was NOT your own.

  2. your long legged beauty would be a great long jumper or high jumper. sign her up for track and field IF you have the time.
    my weekend was OK. spent saturday at a track meet for the little one, came home did hair, etc – went to church for palm sunday…and that was it.

  3. On Friday I decided that I was going to sew a Maxi skirt. Mind you I do not own a sewing machine…. However that can’t stop the super engineer who lives in my head. So friday night after dinner I conned Al into going to Hancock Fabrics with me to LOOK at some fabric and get an idea of what i could do. So I bought some fabric and a few extras.

    On Saturday went to Walmart and got a hand held cheap sewing thingy (cause I can NOT call that a machine). Got home and went to work. I cut an old maxi dress in half and made an elastic waist band and VIOLA,,,a maxi skirt was born. Then I proceeded to make my new maxi skirt. Put in an elastic waist band. Hemmed it with that stuff you just use the iron to fuse the material down, and sewed a seam up the side. That hand held sewing thingy is crap so I had to re-do some of the stitching by hand. BUT…..I did finish and with some super pressing down of the side seam I have finished my first maxi skirt!!!!

    Monday morning I hit Erica B on FB and asked her if the sewing machine that I’m going to purchase would be OK for a beginner like me, with the patience of a gnat. HA!

    Back to the drawing board..at least until my AADHS kicks in.

  4. I went home to CT to visit my dad for the weekend. It was a good weekend and I am glad I saw him before he started chemo.

    I also met my newest niece….and her mother (19) doesn’t even look like she had a baby. I also contemplated snatching that baby. Like WAY too hard.

    But I contemplated winning the mega millions even more. I thought of ways of spending it…who I would give money too…how life would be changed for generations with that kind of loot. I still have to check to see if I won anything…but really…unless its $500M does it matter? 🙂

    Your weekend sounded nice…even though it wasn’t what you expected! Any footage of the runway? 🙂

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