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3 Legitimate Fears

I’m not certain what determines whether a fear is legitimate or not, I mean really, if you’re scared, you’re scared.  There’s no need to go in front of a committee to have your fear validated.  Is there?

Anyhoo, here are my three fears – legit to me.  Maybe not so much in your eyes…

1.  Failing as a parent.  I do everything within my power to give LG the tools she will need to succeed in her life.  I pray over her constantly.  And then I wonder and worry about what else I should be doing for her. I’m not foolish enough to think that being “raised right” is enough.  I know it’s not.  I see people every day who were “raised right” and they leave a lot, in my opinion, to be desired.  I sincerely hope God honors my prayers as it relates to my favorite child.

2.  Going slap off one day.  I am generally a chill person.  Sometimes, too much so.  But sometimes someone will do something, or something will happen and I think I may just go nuts and wig out like Michael Douglas’ character in “Falling Down.”  Have you seen that movie?  Basically old dude is just kinda frustrated and everything/body he encounters that day makes him wig the hell out.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a confession that I’m about to snap (I hope), but there are days when I think, hmmm…maybe losing it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

3.  Rodents.  I can’t explain it. I’m just scared of them.




6 thoughts on “3 Legitimate Fears

  1. All totally legitimate fears. It’s crazy to think that we’re responsible for helping these tiny people become responsible adults who are normal! I haven’t seen the movie, but as someone who has “snapped” it’s actually pretty liberating, lol. I too, am terrified of rodents. They make me jump, even if they aren’t alive.

  2. I am required to legitimize your fears. You’re good. #2 is why quiet people scare me/I try to make them talk. Let some of that pent up stuff out!! Because if you go off on me… OH! But Rashan is the chillest person ever! When he lets stuff out? It’s so shocking I start laughing. LOL Probably not the MOST helpful response… But it’s just so funny seeing someone chill lose it! Again, as long as I’m not the target!

  3. I with you on #1!!! My greatest fear. My child is 21 and I still have so much work to do IMO. A parent’s job is NEVER done.

    My #2. Fear of being afraid. Fear can paralyze. I fight through when I feel it. I’m not sure if that’s bravey or foolishness

    My #3. Fear of doing something that will cost me my freedom. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was “raised right”, don’t want to ever do anything to bring shame to my family, and don’t want to go to jail. I know that feeling of being tick away from 0.0 on the timer.

    I think that quiet people are potentially more dangerous than always volatile people like me.

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