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Weekend Shenanigans

Y’all!  I had so much fun camping.  I’d only been camping a few times prior to this weekend’s trip and they were both “real” camping trips complete with tents and all that jazz.  This trip – not so much.

We were in the cutest little cabin complete with air conditioning.  The cabin had three bedrooms, one bath and a little kitchenette.  Very nice.  The lake was right at our backdoor and even though we were only about 25 minutes from home I really felt like we were in a whole ‘nother world.  I felt very relaxed and peaceful.  I guess there really is something to be said for getting back to nature – the works that God’s hands have made are indeed magnificent.

Anyhoo, we cooked out, watched an outdoor movie, explored our surroundings and found a baby turtle – this was all Friday evening.

Saturday morning we woke up and after breakfast we spent the rest of our time there at the little water park and the pool.  Needless to say LG and I are both a few shades darker and I – as usual – have a heckuva heat rash that I’ll be dealing with for the next few days.  Joy.  We headed home at about 2:30.  One of the moms rented a cabin for her family and they were going to stay another night.  Smart lady.  LG wanted to stay another night and while I almost rented a cabin and told Smoochy to join us, I’m glad I didn’t.

On the way home? My car ran hot. Do what?!? We just fixed this problem a couple of months ago. Or maybe we didn’t. Anyhoo, I was able to almost make it home and then there LG and I sat waiting for Smoochy to come to our rescue. We’re going to replace the radiator and hopefully that will fix the problem. Smoochy is ready for me to get another car. I am enjoying not having a car note and the money we’ve put into fixing this heating problem has not been significant enough for me to change my mind on that. Especially since this overheating is the first bit of trouble my car has given me in 8 years. But I am about to seriously buckle down and start putting away for a down payment. Just in case.

The rest of the weekend was rather chill. I am ruthlessly going through the house and expect to have 4 or 5 bags to take to Goodwill by the end of the week and just as many sitting on the curb for the garbage men on Friday.  One of my former coworkers is coming to pick up LG’s old outdoor playhouse and picnic bench – so we’re working on the outside as well.

How great Thou art!








Chillaxing at the outdoor movie








She loves the water! Hoping this is the summer she actually learns to swim 🙂











The door panel on my rental car. A KIA something or other. I’m not fancy by any means, but seriously? Manual window cranks?!? LG is fascinated!










11 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans

  1. What a great memory for you and LG. I’m glad to read neither of you suffered from mosquito\chigger bites.

    I used to think folks were kidding when they told me once the radio goes out in a car it’s all over. That is until it happened to me. It seemed like all hell broke loose underneath the hood when it happened to my old car. I chose to use the funds it would have cost to repair it on a down payment on a new car instead.

  2. What a nice weekend. I like the idea of renting a cabin next to the lake. It’s amazing how you feel like you’re sooo far away once you get into the woods.

    The same thing ARGal experienced with the car going straight downhill once the radio goes happened to me as well. My radio stations stopped coming in when the car wasn’t moving, and within six months my car was on its way to being held together with duct tape. I hope you have better luck and you can drive your current car for many more years with no problems!!

    • It really was nice. Poor LG – she kept asking me what state we were in. I was like honey – we are 20 minutes from home, if that! She was so confused.

  3. That’s my kind of camping! Sounds like a great time! Fell out @the crank handle! I’m floored that manual is still available in any car?!?

    • I think that’s why I’m amazed – I didn’t even know they were still making cars with crank handles! My Jetta had crank handles and it was a ’96, I guess I thought that was the end of that era.

  4. I’m sure your camping experience brought back fond memories of how we all got together and camped so often as a family — tents, hot dogs, s’mores, campfires, ghost stories, songs, games. What lasting memories for us all.

    Wait a minute. That was not us that a movie I was watching last week 🙂

    Glad you had a chance to go camping in an air conditioned cabin by the lake. Nothing beats roughing it 25 minutes from home.

    Glad the car problems are minor and resolved.

    • You are not funny! And don’t go trying to make light of our camping experience – we got back to nature as God intended – under air and with satellite TV 🙂

  5. You totally got played on the car rental. Manual windows??? Didn’t think they still made those in 2012. Guess it’s being eco-friendly?????

  6. Glad you guys had a good camping trip. We have a big family trip planned for this August – about 40 of us are renting 6 cabins. I can’t wait!!!!! **fingers crossed for the health of your car**

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