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A Week & A Day

As most of y’all know blogger, attorney, mom, and friend extraordinaire Psonya is packing up and heading for greener pastures.  After much struggle and sacrifice she and her family – Thug Thizzle, N, and A – will all be living under one roof.  In Memphis. And while I’m happy for P and her family, for me? This really sucks.

I’m totally going to miss P.  We don’t see each other as much as we did when our children were enrolled in the best little Christian preschool ever.  Their schools, interests, and friends have changed but we still manage to get together for dinner ever so often and her phone number is one of the few I can almost dial from memory.

Over the last four years I’ve picked A up from school when she wasn’t going to be able to make it to after-care in time.  She’s picked LG up for me and let me get in study time when I was working on my last degree.  She’s encouraged me to buy tshirts in colors other than black (who knew???) and I’ve been able to counsel her on red beans and rice and watermelon.  We’ve shared meals at the Waffle House (because we’re fancy like that) and at each others’ kitchen tables.  We’ve sweated, laughed, and cursed (that was mostly me) through the Insanity workout, a few bootcamps, and Zumba.  We’ve met other people from blog-land together and I’ve witnessed at least a few of her encounters with crazy people colorful characters.  I was blessed to see she and T exchange wedding vows.  Our husbands have met, received stamps of approval and somehow adopted complimentary nicknames….The kiddos still see each other on occasion and every time I turn right toward A’s school instead of left toward home I can hear LG in the back exhaling “thank you God for answering my prayer! I get to see A!”

In a week and a day, she’ll be gone.  Settling happily in to the life she has dreamed about.  And while 99.9% of me will be totally happy for her, that last little .1% will wish she were still just a 3 minute car ride away.

I mean look at her here after our legendary garage sale.  How I could I not miss her?!?!?









Don’t tell her ’cause she’s so not a touchy-feely type girl, but I totally plan on hugging her before she leaves!


13 thoughts on “A Week & A Day

  1. Awwwww. This says so much about the friendship and the bond that you 2 formed. Everything worked out so well — the children liked each other, the husbands could hang and you and P were able to depend on each other.

    You will be able to remember shenanigans with a smile. The two of you can now start to plan road trips in and out of TN and MS. That physical presence cannot be replaced. But you will still have memories and times for planning to be together.

    I feel your pain and sense of loss. I still miss Auntie A being closer to me. But we always look forward to our next togtherness time. And you will do the same.

  2. And give her a big KISS on the cheek too!

    On the bright side, now you have a great reason for a ROAD TRIP. 🙂

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