Hump Day Randoms

  • Thank y’all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers regarding Smoochy’s weight and my anxiety over it.  Like I said, some days it bothers me a lot, some days not so much.  I’ve mentioned it on here before and I’m pretty sure I’ll mention it again 😦  I will keeping you all, your families, and your health in my prayers as well.
  • I’ll be on vacation this Friday and all next week.  At first I was pissed that my plans to leave town fell through, but now I am really looking forward to this staycation – I see a lot of time at the pool, the movies, and chilling at the house in me and LG’s immediate future!  I also plan on hauling a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, but let’s not ruin my 10 days away from work with talk of work okay?  Okay.
  • Speaking of Lovegirl, that child led a song in church last week – I’m Walking in Authority.  Then she came home and wrote her own song sung to the same tune – I’m Naked in America…
  • If you follow me on Twitter you may already be aware of the fact that I couldn’t get my shirt off last night.  Yeah, you read that right.  It was a linen tunic I’d worn (Mother’s Day gift) and taken off before with no problem. Well, last night that thing would not budge!  I called Smoochy to tell him and that nut laughed so hard he started choking and hung up on me.  He called back…to finish laughing while telling me he loves me.  If you think he didn’t call me this morning to continue clowning me, you’d be wrong.  I finally got the darn thing off at around 11 last night.  I’m still rather salty about the whole thing.
  • Yesterday my parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.  41 years.  I’m really thankful for their union, for the example they’ve set for us, and for God’s grace and mercy on their lives.  Yay for 41 years, wishing them many, many more!
  • I’ve been pretty consistent with my green drinks – spinach, some kind of fruit, ginger, and flaxseed.  I can’t tell that they’re making much of a difference in my life, but figure I’ll keep at it and see what gives.
  • Was going to try a new stylist for my locs until she directed me to her FB page.  Looks like she twists her clients’ locs within a centimeter of their lives.  I like my locs to be neat (when I’m not being trifling like I am right now) but I am very serious about protecting my hairline and I don’t think she’s the one for me.  Alopecia is real y’all!







That’s all I’ve got.  What’s shaking and baking in your neighborhood??


Left Behind

My husband is overweight. Morbidly obese.

I pray daily that he will come to the realization that he needs to make a move and get serious about losing weight.  Not so that he can model for the cover of a fitness magazine.  Or so he can be the fittest man at his next high school reunion.  But so that he will reduce the risk of having a stroke or heart attack and being physically incapacitated for the rest of his life – or dying.

I need him.  LG needs him.

Some days I nag him about it incessantly.  Most days I say nothing.  But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about his weight – and him possibly leaving this earth before “his time” on a daily basis.

I have cried, begged, pleaded, used LG…all to no avail.  So far.  But I’m trusting God that he’ll make a change soon.

Believe me, I know that no man knows the day or the hour.  I know that when it is his time, God will call him home.  And I also know that God has given us the freedom of choice and that there are choices we make which will help ensure healthy lives and choices we make that lead to poor health and early death.

I’ve never had a serious weight problem, so I can’t even begin to pretend like I know what it must be like to need to lose a significant amount of weight – because the reality of it is that I don’t know.  I know how hard it is for me to lose these 10 pounds that I’ve been whining about since forever.  But I also know that whining about it isn’t going to do a thing.  So I exercise.  I Zumba.  I walk on breaks at work.  I’ve started yoga (that ish hurts!). I try not to consume a Snickers bar every day, no matter how delicious that chocolate, caramel, peanut combination is.  I look at LG and know that I’ve got to set a good example for her – and that I’ve got to maintain myself physically so that if something happens to Smoochy she’ll have one healthy parent to care, love, and grow her into adulthood.

Yep – I know that I could drop dead tomorrow and that Smoochy could live to be 105.  But I still really, really want my husband to get it together and get some of the weight off.  Like yesterday.

I really don’t want to be left behind.

Wherein I Complain. A lot.

So, this past weekend was Father’s Day.  LG and I ran out on Saturday and picked up a few little things for Smoochy.  He can be hard to shop for, so he usually receives a few knickknacks and a gift card so he can get whatever elusive thing he has his eyes on.

My plan for Sunday was to get up and cook, probably skip church and just laze around the house chillaxing with my family.  So Sunday, that’s what I did.  Got up and put the roast in the crock pot, put the purple hull peas on to simmer, and prepped everything for skillet corn.  At about 6:30 I realized I didn’t have any carrots for the roast so I went to the store to pick some up.  I also bought some pound cake for dessert.

Come home, wait for the family to wake up, gift Smoochy, proceed to chillax.  At about 11:30, Smoochy tells me his dad will be over in about 20 minutes – can I run to the store and get him a Father’s Day card while Smoochy hops in the shower? Grrrrr!  Dude, I’ve already been to the store, why didn’t you have me pick up a card while I was out.  But, okay.  I’ll go.  Put my shoes on and as I’m leaving the house, my FIL pulls up.  I wave and keep it moving.

I get back to the house with the card and Smoochy tells me he’s invited his sister and her family over for dinner.  Terrific.  Well, it would’ve been if I had enough food for all those folks!  We’re now talking his dad, his sister, her husband and our two nieces – one of whom eats like a man.  He tells me not to worry, his sister is going to bring rotisserie chickens.  So where do I go as soon as I walk in the house? Right back to the dadgum store.  To buy soda.  Why?  Because they don’t drink water and they really don’t drink tap water – which is what we mainly drink.  By this point, I’m .38 hot.  I go buy two liters of soda and am appalled to learn they’re 2.09 a bottle – I thought soda was cheap???

So, I get home, start prepping the salad and the doorbell rings.  The youngest niece strolls right in.  I say “hello K.”  She says nothing.  Now this is the same kid who just two weeks ago told me to “go on” because I was getting on her nerves…so I speak again.  She says nothing.  I say “if you can’t speak, get out.  Don’t walk in this house without speaking.”  She mumbles “hey heifer T Nerd Girl” and slides on up the stairs.  My SIL assures me (again) that K is just kidding.  Yeah, okay.  I’m going to be just kidding when I knock that kid the hell heck hell out.

We eat.  My BIL calls me fancy for using real dishes and silverware.  Sigh.  Then he asks for salt.  I give him what we use – sea salt.  He proceeds to clown me about this.  Sigh.  Then my niece proclaims the chicken nasty.  Sigh.  She also tells me she doesn’t like “green stuff.”  You mean salad little girl?  Sigh.

Finally everyone is fed – the kiddos go upstairs to play and we all sit around watching TV, talking, chilling.  Nice.  Very nice.

Sunday helped me conclude – again – that I don’t like to entertain folks.  Mostly because I don’t like all of the whining and complaining that seems to accompany hosting.  I love my family.  I really do.  Though I realize that may not be evident in this post.  I just think know I prefer going to their house.  They’ve cooked what they want, served it on the styrofoam plates they prefer, and they’ve already got their pantry stocked with whatever drink they like.  I am perfectly happy to show up with pasta salad in one hand, a green salad in the other and just chill.

Do you entertain?  What are your secrets?  Or are you like me and prefer to show up at someone’s home, contribution in hand?

* I am thankful that at the end of the day, everyone had a good time, bellies were full, and we got to spend time together.  I just don’t want to host.  Ever. *


My Name Is Butterfly

Well? What are your thoughts on our latest read?

I thought this book was really well written. Most of the characters were very “real” to me and I could picture each one as I read.  I think I’ve mentioned this before – if I’m interested in the characters’ and their lives I consider the book (regardless of subject matter) a success.

Speaking of subject matter I really appreciated Ms. McFadden’s handling of the topic of female sex slavery. The book could’ve been a whole lot more graphic and disturbing – thankfully it was not. I think she broached the subject respectfully without cleaning it up too much – if that makes sense.

So what did y’all think of Abebe, of her family, of their trials, of this book?  I will say I thought the Grandmother was a bit stereotypical – evil, domineering mother-in-law – she had not one single redeeming quality which was too bad.  I prefer characters to be a little more realistic – I don’t think most people are “all good” or “all bad” rather a mix with strong tendencies toward one or the other.

Anyhoo, the floor is open – head over to the comments and discuss…

Um, No.








*before you click to enlarge the pic, please know it contains foul language*

The other day I got a FB notification that I’d been tagged in a photo.  So of course I headed over to no man’s land to see what old picture one of my relatives had dug up and put out there for the world to see (and mock).  But nope, there were no pics of me with a bad afro, or rocking my Sally Jessy Raphael red glasses.

Instead, I’d been tagged in the above photo.  A poster or something which details the differences between black and white parents.  Or so it claims.  I promptly untagged myself.

See…I’m not that black parent.  Sure, I’ve thought variations of some of the above sayings, but I’d never talk like that to my kid.  I know, I know, she’s only 7 and when she hits 14 (13? 12? 8?) and starts acting a fool takes acting a fool to a whole ‘nother level I might have to eat those words.  But I seriously doubt it.

And I promise I’m not trying to sound like some full of myself, holier than thou parent, but my child is a gift from God.  And there is no way I would deliberately and consistently talk to my gift like that.  I believe I’ve said it on here before – as I raise LG I try (key word is try) to show her the same love and mercy that God shows me as He raises me.

I called my friend and asked why she tagged me in that foolishness.  She basically said that’s the old school way of raising kids and that more parents need to get back to that because “these kids” are running wild.  I told her that old school isn’t always the best school (unless we’re talking music, but I digress) and that some stuff should be left behind – talking unnecessarily crazy to children is one of them.  I’ve been black my whole life – my parents didn’t talk to me like that, I won’t talk to LG like that, and hopefully LG will not talk to any child(ren) she may have (when she’s about 42) like that.

Children need boundaries, they need to know what type of behavior is expected and what behaviors won’t be tolerated. But surely there’s a better way to get the message across than the “black” methods above.


Juicy, Drive ‘Em Crazy

See, what happened was…

I was bored at work last Friday. Everyone was gone and whatever work I had to pretend to do had long been accomplished.

So I decided to check out the offerings on Netflix. Scrolled over to the documentaries section and decided on two.  One was “Still Bill” and is about a musical artist I’ve always loved – Bill Withers.  If you get a chance, you should check it out.  He is one cool, cool dude.  Wait.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the other documentary was “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  Y’all!

Basically it’s about two dudes who lose a tremendous amount of weight and clear up all sorts of chronic and acute health problems by adopting a “juice only” diet for a number of days.

And now guess who’s going to do it?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Your favorite blog-land nerd – moi!  I don’t need – or want – to lose hundreds of pounds.  About 10 will get me right.   So what I’ve decided to do is one meal + unlimited juice for a week.  After that I think I’m going to substitute the juice for one meal – probably breakfast.  In addition to the weight loss, I’m hoping consuming the additional nutrients will help me with my eczema – it has gotten increasingly worse over the last two years or so and I’d really like to chunk the topical steroids in the garbage.  I’m pretty sure they cannot be good for my health.

After some hints and suggestions from One From Philly (thanks again!), this is the juicer I’m going with – I’m just waiting for a 20% BB&B coupon to make its way to me.  As soon as I get the juicer, it’s a go.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes and if there are truly any benefits beyond the weight loss.

Do you juice? What’s your favorite combo? If you don’t is it something you’d consider??

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the documentary:

And if you’re like my Mom and that link doesn’t work for you (O_O), here it is on hulu:

Am I supposed to put some sort of disclaimer on this entry? This is my blog, no one paid me to push this movie, I’m certainly not making any money from it, and if I pass out ’cause all I’ve consumed is some celery juice, I promise not to sue.  How’d I do counselors??