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Picture Dump


Passed the look test. Failed the taste test.

Single Ma and I were having a Twitter discussion on who loves watermelon more. Apparently I was compelled to photograph my proof…

Cannot keep this chick out of my shoes.

The mean lady at Subway. In her sleep bonnet.

My summer uniform – a tshirt and a maxi skirt. Oh, how I love Target!

My anniversary flowers. They were so pretty!

Thank you Psonya for feeding my polish habit.

Twice 🙂

My favorite daughter.



















































Sorry for the wonky formatting.  Blame WordPress.


10 thoughts on “Picture Dump

  1. How did that taco pass the look test??????????? Your summer look? Love! I cannot believe you got up the nerve to photograph bonnet lady! I’m so proud! LOL

  2. Love your Summer look. That’s my look too. But I have to keep it to the weekends…I ride a commuter bus. Bus-big purse-backpack-lunch tote and maxi do not go together.

    • Thanks! I shall not tell you how many times I’ve rolled over my skirts at work and had to wipe wheel prints off the bottom. Nope, I shall not tell…

  3. Where you get that taco? I like your skirt! Photo-ing your toes at Bible Study? I did NOT get you polish so you could engage in heathenlike behavior! Tell Lovegirl we said hi!

  4. At the gas station you told me about. The burrito was good. I was at choir rehearsal waiting on LG thank you very much – you know I’m not about to let nail polish separate me from the love of Jesus! Will do.

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