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Um, No.








*before you click to enlarge the pic, please know it contains foul language*

The other day I got a FB notification that I’d been tagged in a photo.  So of course I headed over to no man’s land to see what old picture one of my relatives had dug up and put out there for the world to see (and mock).  But nope, there were no pics of me with a bad afro, or rocking my Sally Jessy Raphael red glasses.

Instead, I’d been tagged in the above photo.  A poster or something which details the differences between black and white parents.  Or so it claims.  I promptly untagged myself.

See…I’m not that black parent.  Sure, I’ve thought variations of some of the above sayings, but I’d never talk like that to my kid.  I know, I know, she’s only 7 and when she hits 14 (13? 12? 8?) and starts acting a fool takes acting a fool to a whole ‘nother level I might have to eat those words.  But I seriously doubt it.

And I promise I’m not trying to sound like some full of myself, holier than thou parent, but my child is a gift from God.  And there is no way I would deliberately and consistently talk to my gift like that.  I believe I’ve said it on here before – as I raise LG I try (key word is try) to show her the same love and mercy that God shows me as He raises me.

I called my friend and asked why she tagged me in that foolishness.  She basically said that’s the old school way of raising kids and that more parents need to get back to that because “these kids” are running wild.  I told her that old school isn’t always the best school (unless we’re talking music, but I digress) and that some stuff should be left behind – talking unnecessarily crazy to children is one of them.  I’ve been black my whole life – my parents didn’t talk to me like that, I won’t talk to LG like that, and hopefully LG will not talk to any child(ren) she may have (when she’s about 42) like that.

Children need boundaries, they need to know what type of behavior is expected and what behaviors won’t be tolerated. But surely there’s a better way to get the message across than the “black” methods above.



8 thoughts on “Um, No.

  1. I will tell Aidan in a minute, if somebody hits you, you had better hit them back first and tell the teacher second.

    Aside from that, I can’t relate. This is nonsense, but the number of people who probably do say things like this to their children, I can imagine, is quite high. And the reason for the failure of society as we know it.

  2. I would have untagged myself too. This is more than a little racist and I don’t think it’s funny or accurate. Most of the parents I know are black and I don’t know anyone that talks to or treats their children that way.

  3. I’m tough on my son at times, and I’ve never said most of that stuff.

    That should be titled “stuff ignorant parents say” vs “stuff parents who think first say”

    Stupid stereotypes only persist because people don’t think before they hit the send/post button.

  4. You know, I wasn’t really raised like that either. I mean, my parents were strict but they didn’t talk to me in that type of manner. I agree with onefromphilly. That should definitely be titled differently.

  5. Ok, am I the only one who has said “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”? or had the expectation talk in the car before going in to the store? To me, its not really a black or white parenting thing but a good or not so good parenting thing.

    Teenagers are a whole nother thing. You still can’t cuss at them but they need to think you will!

    • For me, it’s the tone and language used in the poster.

      Sure, I’ve told LG that we’re not buying her a toy or whatever, but I’ve never said “Don’t ask for $#@*!” I don’t wake her up by screaming about getting her ass up, etc., etc.

  6. The fact that you said “my child is a gift from God” really warmed my heart 🙂 I wish more people would think about how that translates in parenting.

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