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Wherein I Complain. A lot.

So, this past weekend was Father’s Day.  LG and I ran out on Saturday and picked up a few little things for Smoochy.  He can be hard to shop for, so he usually receives a few knickknacks and a gift card so he can get whatever elusive thing he has his eyes on.

My plan for Sunday was to get up and cook, probably skip church and just laze around the house chillaxing with my family.  So Sunday, that’s what I did.  Got up and put the roast in the crock pot, put the purple hull peas on to simmer, and prepped everything for skillet corn.  At about 6:30 I realized I didn’t have any carrots for the roast so I went to the store to pick some up.  I also bought some pound cake for dessert.

Come home, wait for the family to wake up, gift Smoochy, proceed to chillax.  At about 11:30, Smoochy tells me his dad will be over in about 20 minutes – can I run to the store and get him a Father’s Day card while Smoochy hops in the shower? Grrrrr!  Dude, I’ve already been to the store, why didn’t you have me pick up a card while I was out.  But, okay.  I’ll go.  Put my shoes on and as I’m leaving the house, my FIL pulls up.  I wave and keep it moving.

I get back to the house with the card and Smoochy tells me he’s invited his sister and her family over for dinner.  Terrific.  Well, it would’ve been if I had enough food for all those folks!  We’re now talking his dad, his sister, her husband and our two nieces – one of whom eats like a man.  He tells me not to worry, his sister is going to bring rotisserie chickens.  So where do I go as soon as I walk in the house? Right back to the dadgum store.  To buy soda.  Why?  Because they don’t drink water and they really don’t drink tap water – which is what we mainly drink.  By this point, I’m .38 hot.  I go buy two liters of soda and am appalled to learn they’re 2.09 a bottle – I thought soda was cheap???

So, I get home, start prepping the salad and the doorbell rings.  The youngest niece strolls right in.  I say “hello K.”  She says nothing.  Now this is the same kid who just two weeks ago told me to “go on” because I was getting on her nerves…so I speak again.  She says nothing.  I say “if you can’t speak, get out.  Don’t walk in this house without speaking.”  She mumbles “hey heifer T Nerd Girl” and slides on up the stairs.  My SIL assures me (again) that K is just kidding.  Yeah, okay.  I’m going to be just kidding when I knock that kid the hell heck hell out.

We eat.  My BIL calls me fancy for using real dishes and silverware.  Sigh.  Then he asks for salt.  I give him what we use – sea salt.  He proceeds to clown me about this.  Sigh.  Then my niece proclaims the chicken nasty.  Sigh.  She also tells me she doesn’t like “green stuff.”  You mean salad little girl?  Sigh.

Finally everyone is fed – the kiddos go upstairs to play and we all sit around watching TV, talking, chilling.  Nice.  Very nice.

Sunday helped me conclude – again – that I don’t like to entertain folks.  Mostly because I don’t like all of the whining and complaining that seems to accompany hosting.  I love my family.  I really do.  Though I realize that may not be evident in this post.  I just think know I prefer going to their house.  They’ve cooked what they want, served it on the styrofoam plates they prefer, and they’ve already got their pantry stocked with whatever drink they like.  I am perfectly happy to show up with pasta salad in one hand, a green salad in the other and just chill.

Do you entertain?  What are your secrets?  Or are you like me and prefer to show up at someone’s home, contribution in hand?

* I am thankful that at the end of the day, everyone had a good time, bellies were full, and we got to spend time together.  I just don’t want to host.  Ever. *



18 thoughts on “Wherein I Complain. A lot.

  1. Based on this post I would say – organization is key. When you know you’re entertaining, you plan the food, the setting and what you will need at the store. Because you were caught off guard and had to make so many runs to the store it wasn’t as pleasant as it could be. I know family can be a pain, but when you have time to prepare it reduces that pain and you can handle snark much better.
    When i entertain, I plan ahead. If i can prepare certain foods and refrigerate I do that. I organize my trips to the store so that I have what I need. If I’m setting the table, I get someone at home to do that. If all else fails, I smile and go with the flow.

  2. I also HATE entertaining. Did you have Smoochy’s hide for springing something last minute on you?? And the ribbing by the BIL I could have handled, but that bad ass, ill mannered child?/ That would have SENT ME OVER THE EDGE.

  3. Not knowing anything about “green stuff” and staunchly refusing to drink anything that’s not sugary and processed is precisely the reason why they’ll be case files in 10-20 years. I know it’s evil, but just think that and breathe. THen go back to being gracious to their ungrateful azzes.

    • o and as for the questions-I love to entertain. My secret, which you couldn’t do here, is start cooking/prepping well in advance. That way instead of making last minute hurried store runs, you simply reply to the “What do I need to bring??” last minute texts with things you actually need.

  4. I like entertaining when I have guests who will eat what I prepare or figure out how to fend for themselves when they leave. Ones who require special last minute ingredients that I *points to eye* need to purchase and mock my “fancy” salt and pink peppercorns? I’m straight.

  5. I like entertaining when I’m planning on doing it. My husband knows that if he wants to invite someone last-minute that he better prepare to cook a meal cause I may or may not be up to cooking for folks.

    That young woman would have drove me batty. I have a very, very hard time dealing with nastiness and rudeness. Not speaking to someone when you walk in their house? What? If she were my child, I would have personally taken her back home until she was ready to act like she had sense. And THEN to call food you neither purchased or prepared “nasty”? I can’t even understand…

  6. Imma go on and say it…I’on like grown tail kids!!! You handled this beautifully!

    I LOVE entertaining. The key to success, besides a bit of planning (I keep basic stuff on hand) is to only invite people you like and know will have a good time and who are gracious.

    I will clean put somebody out of my house for disrespect. The end.

  7. I agree with Tarsha. I don’t mind entertaining. I enjoy it, but impromptu can be challenging especially with people who don’t appreciate it. Folks who have a reputation for being rude and/or hard to please don’t get invited again & if it’s family, I don’t go out of my way once I see you for who you are. I don’t like “babysitting” folks. If you don’t know how to go somewhere, be gracious, have some manners & attempt to try and have a good time on your own, I am NOT gonna bend over backwards to please you. Keep it moving.

  8. I love entertaining! My secret weapon is my husband who loves to entertain more than I do. I remember folks allergies and we cater to the oddities of folks we know who do not eat veggies. I know a few people who cannot digest veggies, so I don’t ask question.

    We don’t have many complaining friends. My husband does have complaining relatives, so I say a prayer for the strength and ignore them. I have to end here. Thinking about his insulting relatives is making my belly hot.

  9. Now see…can you get away with backhanding the niece and explaining that you were “just playing?” I like to entertain, but I plan everything well in advance. I don’t like things being sprung on me..especially ungrateful things. We don’t keep soda in our house, so they would have had to bring their own. Did they bring anything at all?

  10. Ha! Poor T Nerd Girl. I definitely would not like anything impromptu like what was thrust on you but I do love to entertain. But only my TRUE friends can come to my house and be entertained by me and that eliminates the complaining. They know what I do and how I do it. If you were entertaining some of your homies, you would have had a better time.

    Niece telling you to “go on” though…. *sad face* then *mad face*

  11. I love to entertain and plan all the family events and parties. You have to be ok knowing that 95% of the work will fall on you and some folks will annoy you and pack up to go plates before the shindig even gets started.

    Being able to prepare and do things how you want always helps.

  12. Your sister-in-law could have purchased soda while she was out buying the chicken. I’m sure they know you don’t keep pop stocked in your home. Oh and the niece……she would have been on the porch.

  13. I enjoy entertaining…but I am always nervous no one will show up. 🙂

    Family will always be harder than friends…always. They take stuff for granted so it will always be harder to entertain them.

    I would have been most mad about having to go get a Father’s Day card! On Father’s Day? That would have been the most challenging!

  14. I like having company over but I don’t entertain parse. Its just not my thing.

    I don’t do kids talking crazy to me at all. ugh!

  15. I love hosting! But I do not cater to anyone’s food preference. If they come over they eat what I cook or abstain. If they want something different they can bring it or eat later. That is my personality though so nobody tests me out. I also cannot stand smart mouth kids.. I’ve had one test me w/in the last 6 mos and his parent was informed if he did it again he would not be welcomed back. Problem was solved quickly.

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