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Hump Day Randoms

  • Thank y’all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers regarding Smoochy’s weight and my anxiety over it.  Like I said, some days it bothers me a lot, some days not so much.  I’ve mentioned it on here before and I’m pretty sure I’ll mention it again 😦  I will keeping you all, your families, and your health in my prayers as well.
  • I’ll be on vacation this Friday and all next week.  At first I was pissed that my plans to leave town fell through, but now I am really looking forward to this staycation – I see a lot of time at the pool, the movies, and chilling at the house in me and LG’s immediate future!  I also plan on hauling a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, but let’s not ruin my 10 days away from work with talk of work okay?  Okay.
  • Speaking of Lovegirl, that child led a song in church last week – I’m Walking in Authority.  Then she came home and wrote her own song sung to the same tune – I’m Naked in America…
  • If you follow me on Twitter you may already be aware of the fact that I couldn’t get my shirt off last night.  Yeah, you read that right.  It was a linen tunic I’d worn (Mother’s Day gift) and taken off before with no problem. Well, last night that thing would not budge!  I called Smoochy to tell him and that nut laughed so hard he started choking and hung up on me.  He called back…to finish laughing while telling me he loves me.  If you think he didn’t call me this morning to continue clowning me, you’d be wrong.  I finally got the darn thing off at around 11 last night.  I’m still rather salty about the whole thing.
  • Yesterday my parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.  41 years.  I’m really thankful for their union, for the example they’ve set for us, and for God’s grace and mercy on their lives.  Yay for 41 years, wishing them many, many more!
  • I’ve been pretty consistent with my green drinks – spinach, some kind of fruit, ginger, and flaxseed.  I can’t tell that they’re making much of a difference in my life, but figure I’ll keep at it and see what gives.
  • Was going to try a new stylist for my locs until she directed me to her FB page.  Looks like she twists her clients’ locs within a centimeter of their lives.  I like my locs to be neat (when I’m not being trifling like I am right now) but I am very serious about protecting my hairline and I don’t think she’s the one for me.  Alopecia is real y’all!







That’s all I’ve got.  What’s shaking and baking in your neighborhood??


16 thoughts on “Hump Day Randoms

  1. I can honestly say that I love Lovegirl. She takes after my own little blasphemous heart. I used to sing “I told satan to kiss my behind, victory today is mine.” Whenever you’re ready, you can send her up here in NYC.
    You were stuck in a shirt? How does that happen?
    When you send LG to NY, you can visit my loctician. Or my husband’s. Can you ask the new loctician not to twist you up so tightly?
    I’m currently at my new temp job. Which is boring as all get out.

    • LOL! I believe I’ve sung your version of that song on more than one occasion!

      I did think about asking her not to twist it so tight. Are you on FB? She’s got a page: http://www.facebook.com/Dreadhedz What do you think? I may think they’re too tight because I do my own and I don’t make any concerted effort to catch up all my hair…

      • They looked a little tight…but then I went to look at other pictures and see that the tightness is about the same. You could always tell her that you’re tender-headed, lol.

      • I looked at the pictures. Most of them look to be twisted rather tight! After doing so many heads she probably is heavy handed. I would ask her twist gently. I say that as a person who has alopecia. Although it was braids that did the dammage to the top of my head. It was still that fact that they were too tight and I wore them too long for too long!

  2. your child is a nut is the best possible way.

    I too would like to know how you got stuck in a shirt

    Pulling edges too tightly that they fall out and Alopecia are different things. I have Alopecia. My hair isn’t ever growing back in certain areas and its not because of anything but my dumb ass immune system fighting my hair follicles. I hate this disease with a passion if you can’t tell lol

    • I don’t know! Put it on yesterday morning, no problem. Tried to get the thing off and I was just stuck like chuck. Smoochy said I’m working out so tough that my muscles must’ve been on swole O_o

  3. “Then she came home and wrote her own song sung to the same tune – I’m Naked in America…”

    Heavenly Father……..bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I would love to see the lyrics.

    Then you tell us about the shirt!!! I can’t breathe!!! Ummmm, how did you get it on?

    Happy Birthday to anniversary to your parents!

    Did you end up getting the blender thingy from WM? I still want to try it with kale but keep forgetting to pick it up from the store.

    “Alopecia is real y’all!” FOR REAL!!!!! Like for really real! Thankfully my hair has grown back but giiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrllllllll…..

    I’m out next week too. The “plan” was to go to hot ass Vegas but that changed so we are headed to hotter ass Dallas instead. I didn’t take Friday off but am thinking a half-day is in order.

    • Girl! After she sang the next line…”everyone can see my round brown booty” I put her out of my room! I laughed so hard I cried. Forgive my little heathen Lord – she knows not what she does!!! Or does she?

      • I just went back and read this comment I made:

        Happy Birthday to anniversary to your parents!

        What in the hell?????? My disorder is real!!! LOL

        Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  4. Psst. My cousin who does quick weaves does locs, too. Just sayin… Yo son! 41 years is AWESOME! I keep wanting to make a green drink and not doing it… I’ve bought kale for said drink twice… And not done it. I started my triflin song creation as a child and continued through college where I found what? MORE TRIFLIN SONG CREATORS!! We have some TERRIBLE versions of gospel and non-gospel songs that crack me up to no end!

    • I may be contacting you for her information. I’ve not been brave enough to try kale yet – I opted for spinach because its milder. SMH at you trifling song creators – is nothing sacred??

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