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Best! Staycation! Ever!

Y’all.  I haven’t been at work since June 28th and let me tell you, the 6 days I was away from the office were absolutely marvelous.

LG’s summer camp takes the week of July 4 off (weird…) and last year I scrambled around and found somewhere for her to go since I’d just started my job.  Well, this year I figured I’d take the week off and we’d head out of town.  I mean, lovely as Jackson may be, it’s not really a vacation destination.  Well, travel plans fell through and I found myself looking at 10 days of unscheduled time here in Jacktown and the surrounding areas.

So what are a girl and her favorite girl to do?  Well, I/she/we…

Put on tight jeans and saw After 7, El DeBarge and New Edition in concert. Had a ball!  Wave hey to my friend S 🙂








Ate a lot of ice cream. That day’s flavors were black walnut & Bing cherry. Yum!











Hung out in the pool and then Chick Fil A with a school buddy.








Had our official summer portrait drawn by the computer at Chuck E Cheese. Apparently neither of us completely followed the directions to “look here and smile.” Oops.









Bought the cutest little $2 Peruvian friendship bracelets.










Got baptized. Praise God!!










We had the best time and I wouldn’t have traded a day of our staycation for anything in the world (outside of Smoochy taking some time off and joining us…sigh).

What have y’all been up to??










10 thoughts on “Best! Staycation! Ever!

    • I cannot stand that place unless it’s the middle of the week and empty – which it was!! Mama made it rain with $10 worth of tokens – ’twas awesome 🙂

    • I just bought the first batch of school supplies this weekend – she starts back on the 7th. I need to go through her closet and see what’s what too. Summer has flown by!

  1. Sounds like you all had a pretty full Staycation. Our 9 year old is with us for the Summer, so we have a full agenda. Too bad that we have yet to do anything on that agenda….. LOL

    • Ha! We didn’t do as much as I thought we would, but it was a nice mix of chilling, having fun, and cleaning up & out. Enjoy your time with her! {Hope I’m remembering correctly – if not, enjoy your time with him 🙂 }

  2. that all sounds awesome. Do you guys attend one of those mega churches?

    I was in ATL hanging out with MImi! ok. . . we only hung out once while i was there but still. My vacation was awesome! Now im back in cali and at work and hating every second of it aside from spending time with my honey.

    • Nope, we don’t attend a mega church – this isn’t even our home church. LG asked to be baptized at the church where she attended VBS (and a follow-up class) so that’s where she was baptized. Our church is large, but nowhere near a mega church.

      Glad you had a nice break! Work 😦

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