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I am sooooo disappointed in y’alls lack of knowledge about the great Oakland rapper Too $hort!  His favorite word? “Biatch!”  But no worries – my Mama called me yesterday and demanded the password, so I’m unlocking that joker because my attempts to spare her feelings failed miserably.  As did my first password protected post.

Happy Tuesday 🙂


12 thoughts on “SMH

  1. Bwahahaaa! This is so funny to me because I had no idea what the password was. So I googled it and found out 🙂 But if that didn’t work, I was prepared to send a text to my sons. I knew they would know.

    And yeah, I knew that wasn’t going to get past your mom.

  2. “Beeeee-yotch! What’s my favorite word? Beeeeee-yotch! Why you gotta say it like $hort? Beeeeee-yotch! You know they can’t play on my court! Can’t hang with the big dog stay on the porch!”

    ~ Too $hort

    P.S. Madame Nerd Girl, I thought the proper spelling was “BEE-YOTCH.” Please advise.

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