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What Say What?

So I was talking to my friend the other day and we were talking about the upcoming football season.  I was telling her about Smoochy’s plans to buy a few tailgating spots pre-season so we’d have the same spots all season long and that she and her fam should stop by and hang out for a while.

And she said…”girl, I can’t even see you tailgating.”  What?!?!? What does that even mean?  So I asked her.  And she said that I am funny but that she sees me as a totally serious person – like too “proper” to tailgate, doesn’t go to football games, doesn’t dance.  I was really, truly confused.  I’m no party animal, but I like to have fun – sure it’s my own nerdy version of fun, but still.  It’s not like I wear head to toe black and eschew socializing.

Anyhoo, that got me to thinking.  I’ve been cool with this girl for almost as long as I’ve been in Jackson and she thinks I’m all serious and bundled up.  Then I remembered a comment one year from Secret Santa where someone guessed their gift was from me because it was “serious and practical.”  It so was not from me.  I – obviously – don’t see myself as others see me.

So this is where y’all come in. Please head over to the comments and leave your impression of me in a few words or sentences.  If you want, I’ll do the same for you in the comments – just let me know.  Should be fun.  If Too $hort’s favorite word is one you’d use to describe me, you can sit this one out.  Deal?  Deal!




12 thoughts on “What Say What?

  1. What the What? I love your nerdy sense of humor! Yes, you are proper in “callous” kind of way. You have been raised right and you know all the social graces. You just don’t choose to partake in all of them. 🙂

  2. One of the first things I noticed about you was that you are extremely intelligent and considerate (especially of others feelings). Some things I’ve come to learn is that you are very level-headed and seem to be the voice of reason in times of strife and stuff. Yes, and stuff. Your name and picture should be listed on its Wikipedia page….like seriously. You have a great sense of humor but can also get a ratchett (Nerd Girl style of course) when necessary. Great qualities!

  3. I think you’re great! You are very laid back and seem like you could make a good time out of anything.You dont seem to look down on people and you have strong opinions and stand your ground. You are aight with me Nerd Girl. Cant wait to meet ya.

    I want your impression too.

    • I think you are an adventurous free spirited person who doesn’t worry too much about trying to fit into one box or another. I think you have a high tolerance for foolishness, but once you reach your limit, it is on. You seem like you love and have a great relationship with your family. And you’re funny. Very funny. See you Sunday!

  4. Funny (that whole too short thing!)…Anyhow in a way you remind me of me. I’ll say it like this – I recently posted a pic from my vacation with a rum punch drink in my hand and a reggae singer who appeared to be serenading me…my good friend said it was so unlike me to see me sitting with a drink in my hand and looking totally laidback…i thought, hmm – she really doesn’t know me! (maybe that’s why this pic got so many likes). You’re a cool nerd and that’s all right with me.

  5. You seem awesome to me. I don’t get the impression that you’re too serious at all. You really do seem like a great time.

  6. No-nonsense for sure. I read your comments on other blogs and think you say a lot of the things many people are thinking, but might not say. But you say these things directly and – seemingly – without judgment. I see you as someone who doesn’t subscribe to bullshit and can see it from a mile away.

    But what I think has always stood out to me the most with you is how you take such a level-headed approach to raising Lovegirl. You teach her all the important lessons, but I haven’t seen you take the uber-defensive stance many parents take when it comes to their kids doing no wrong and everyone else being at fault. I love reading about how you parent her and have always looked up to you as the kind of mother I’d hope to be. Again – no-nonsense, firm, but teaching and forgiving and thoughtful and level-headed.

  7. Laid back, sarcastic, tolerant, polite, and nice with a desire to ensure no one is hurt by the opinions or beliefs of others. I also think you do not take yourself too seriously. This is my perception based on reading your blog and your comments on other blogs.

  8. I only “know” you from your blog…you do seem really smart and you have smart girl fun. Like going to a NE concert versus going to see Ebony.R.od. and Re.dik.cu.lus…

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