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LG Randoms

  • LG started 2nd grade today.  I am constantly amazed at how much she’s grown and developed over the past 7, almost 8 years.  I tell you what, God has blessed us with an awesome, smart, healthy, hilarious kid and I’m forever thankful!

1st day, 2nd grade. Mama’s baby is moving on up!










  • I think I’ve mentioned before that one of my biggest pet peeves is the way that LG has stuff – mounds and mounds of stuff – strewn all over the house all of the time.  I’ll have her clean it up, then I’ll go behind her and do some selective weeding out, and two days later?  All hell – in the form of dolls, crayons, paper, books and stuffed animals – has broken out again.  I asked Smoochy to make sure she was straightening up before bed each night while I was in Atlanta.  This is what I saw when I got back.

My view from the hall. I nearly lost my mind. She has cleaned it up…again. Tonight my plan is to go through and weed out some more stuff. I can’t keep doing this.

I made the mistake of actually stepping inside her room and turning my head to the right. Have mercy Jesus.











  • I told LG that I’d worked out a schedule to help keep her on track with her chores, homework, and the like.  After I rattled off the things I want her to do and how often she said “hope you wrote that down Mama – if not you’ll forget by September.”  Sad part is she’s right.  I’m beginning to see that I may be part of the problem here….
  • Are you familiar with that Chris Rock bit where he’s talking about how his main goal in life is to keep his daughters off the pole?  Um, yeah.  Sign me up for that duty as well.  LG is, well, prone to nudity.  I don’t mean running around after a bath in the buff.  I mean, she takes forever to eat, so I’ll go downstairs to check on how she’s coming and this chick will be sitting at the table without a stitch of clothes on eating her dinner.  Or we’ll come upstairs when we get home and 10 or 15 minutes later she wanders in all casual and unclothed.  I’m no prude, and I want her to have healthy self image, but we have obviously not achieved what I like to call a happy medium!!!!

That’s it!  If you have any tips/suggestions on getting – and keeping – LG’s room all spic and span or about how to get her from stripping at random moments leave ’em in the comments 🙂

Happy Tuesday!





8 thoughts on “LG Randoms

  1. *disclaimer* I’m not a parent. That said, when I was growing up, the house rule was that everyone had to pick up behind themselves (common areas and bedroom) before bed. Also, there was nothing to be left on the floors. If my mom passed by and there was stuff on the floor, that stuff got confiscated and held by her for a set amount of time. It didn’t matter what it was (toys, school books, etc.). By her way of thinking, if it was so important to have, it shouldn’t have been left on the floor. That said, it only took a few times before we all learned not to leave things lying around.

    • That’s pretty much what I’m implementing starting next week. I’m going to guide her in getting all her stuff in the various boxes, tubs, drawers, shelves this weekend. Her bedtime is now 8:15. From 8-8:15 every night she will pick up behind herself. Anything she doesn’t pick up, I’m tossing or holding hostage depending on what it is.

  2. I’m a junky judy, so I understand poor little LG. It drives my hubby crazy though. He used to toss my stuff in the trash until he accidently started throwing his own stuff out too!

  3. My daughter is messy and im trying to teach her now at 2 that she has to clean up her own messes or she shouldn’t make any.

    nudity is the spice of life. . . or something like that lol. As long as my baby has panties on she’s all good lol. Since she’s been potty trained she always has to have them on smh. Me on the other hand, I like being nude( at home of course)

  4. That was bold of you to post pictures of the room. We all have those rooms, except sometimes with 3 girls, it’s the whole house! If you find a system that works- please send it my way.

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