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Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

My wonderful little family?  Yeah, we need to cut some costs like yesterday.  Everything is going up but our paychecks.  Couple that with the fact that I’m going to need another car sooner rather than later and it is time to make some decisions.

Smoochy and I are supposed to sit down this weekend and see what we can cut and still be relatively comfortable.  Since shelter, lights, gas, and water are non-negotiable we’ll be looking at:  Cable, Telephones, The Gym.


Pros:  Save around $100 month and we’d find something else to do with our time.

Cons:  Uh, football.  How can we keep up with our favorite team (Steelers for me, Texans & Titans for Smoochy) without ESPN???  I think just about everything else we watch could be seen online for nothing or we can use Netflix which we already have.  I’m pretty sure LG has seen every episode of Sponge Bob ever produced – she can continue to watch reruns online.


Home phone – I’m not even sure why we still have a home phone.  We truly don’t use the thing.  Unless someone has a horror story about not having a land line, I’m pretty sure we’re chunking this thing the deuces.  This will “only” save us about $20 dollars a month, but that’s $240 a year we could be doing something else with.

Cellphones – goes without saying that we’re not giving up our cell phones.  We’re with Verizon though and those jokers aren’t playing when it comes to our monthly bill.  So what I’ve been thinking is that I’ll give up my beloved iPhone and get a prepaid smartphone.  Smoochy is still under contract, but if my prepaid phone works out okay he’d join me in prepaid land whenever his contract is up.  If we both have prepaid we’d save another $100 a month.

The Gym

This is the one I struggle with the most.  I LOVE Zumba and LG loves karate & the pool.  It is very rare that Smoochy goes to the gym and when he does, he walks the track or gets on the treadmill.

Yes, I could always exercise at home, but honestly, I do better going to classes at this point in my life.  Before LG’s arrival and/or Smoochy’s career change to truck driving the gym would’ve been easier to give up as I could just walk or bike ride whenever the mood struck me.  Our current situation makes the gym – and the childcare – really attractive.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Is there an area I may have overlooked where we can cut back?  Have you reduced any services in an effort to save a little dough?  How’s that working for you?


11 thoughts on “Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

  1. Look at your car insurance and homeowners insurances too. I saved some by going back to Progressive.

    You just got that iPhone so unless you are willing to pay the early termination fee (which can be hefty), you probably need to ride out that contact and then go prepaid. Keep in mind when you go pre-paid you will normally pay full price for the phone.

    Get a Roku box to hook up to your laptop if you are thinking of ditching cable altogether or you can do like I do, call them and threaten to cancel and then get some discounts thrown in and set a reminder to do it again in 6 months.

  2. Unsubscribe from all stores that send you tempting sale emails. I would also look at miscellaneous spending on things your family doesn’t need– random trips to Target or Old Navy add up. One of our biggest expenses is always the grocery store. I see it as a necessity and without Rashan to tell me I’m being ridiculous, I would spend every dollar of every paycheck in there. I plan all of our meals around weekly sales and get the Sunday paper for the coupons. I also check couponing sites so I know which weeks coupons aren’t in the paper (holidays), which weeks are best for coupons (first of the month) and when they list the coupons, when it’s not necessary to buy a paper because I don’t need any or enough of the listed products to justify the expense of a really bad paper. (The articles aren’t worth reading.)

  3. Have you tried couponing? We’ve been clipping coupons and using swagbucks and ebates. I’ve made $5 and a Target gift card off of buying the baby’s fall clothes online. Verizon has all kinds of discounts for city/state employees-we currently receive 18% off from the Board of Education. I also try to plan our meals so we aren’t spending to much at the grocery.

  4. The other ladies made really good suggestions. I’d say definitely cut the cable and phone but keep the gym since you really use it.

    If you and Smoochy are willing to take a defensive driving course ($19.99 online), that will typically lower your car insurance premiums. You should also consider raising your deductibles for home and auto insurance.

    Every year I shop around for all monthly services. Most companies are willing to match or beat a competitor’s price just to keep you as a customer. I’ve done this for everything from the garbage bill to internet service.

  5. We got rid of cable about four years ago because we needed to cut costs and couldn’t justify the expense when all we were doing was watching terrible reality shows anyway.

    My guy switched from his iPhone to some other phone with a cheaper plan. His bill is now $30-$40 per month. I, however, could not part with my dear sweet iPhone.

    I’d recommend keeping the gym as it’s for better health and makes you and your daughter happy.

  6. The other ladies have good suggestions. If you don’t intend to move within the next few years, refinance. I’m looking right now and if the mortgage lenders are too be believed, I can cut my interest rate in half….which equals about $300 a month. Also brown bag the lunches, coffee, snacks. I say keep the gym. Somebody might hit you in the head if you try to exercise outside.

  7. When we moved we decided to downsize as much as we could while not feeling totally deprived, lol!

    We cut out or back on the following:

    No more cleaning lady.
    Less long weekends away on mini vacays.
    Less eating out for dinner.
    Pack lunch at least 3-4 days a week.
    Stick to a strict Starbucks budget .
    I cut out monthly massages and go only when my sciatic nerves just can’t take it anymore.
    We chose to live in an apt community with lots of amenities so we cut a ton of expenses related to keeping up a 120 yr old house (although, i still miss my house sometimes). Overall less living expenses.
    I cut the grocery bill down some by not buying every single grocery item at Whole Foods. Regular grocery stores have some of the same items for less. Oh, and we save in gas, too, since the grocery store has “fuel perks.”
    Cut back on shopping, overall.
    I think that’s it…unless I pick up anymore suggestions from the commenters 🙂

  8. Check all the local companies. I’m new to Texas and they have a company called cricket that has iPhone for $50 a month with everything included. It’s more expensive to get their iPhone upfront but the saving over a year has me seriously considering it.

    Cut cable to basic, ESPN is usually included but you may not get the NFL Network. Or you can now order DirecTV’s NFL Sunday ticket without being a subscriber, it’s still like $350 a year but at least that won’t be on top of an already outrageous cable bill and you can stream it on your PS3. http://kickoutcable.com/how-to/watch-sports-online/#axzz23Wgxzv00

    Invest in a $99 Google TV box that will incorporate Netflix, Google Instant Streaming and a bunch of other channels like Fox, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, USA, Bravo and PBS all into one place so you can stream from your TV rather than a PC.

    Check the .99 cent store. I always make a quick dash in there before the grocery store for some cheap produce. You can’t beat .99 for a bag of spinach leaves or shredded cabbage for my salads for lunch.

    I use Google voice on my cell phone for my international calls. It’s way cheap, I put $10 on it once and called my mom in Barbados about 5 times and talked for quite awhile each time and still had money left.

  9. Frugalista just Tweeted 20 ways to save money. I would link, but I’m on MY new iPhone & I don’t know how to do that. My faves were: have a cooling off period (could be three days or three weeks), but chances are you won’t want the item once you’ve given it some thought. Another was the put one back rule: when you get to the register, pick one thing & put it back.

    Best wishes on your journey.

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