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Thank you all for the tips as it relates to our trimming our household budget.  Smoochy wasn’t even trying to hear me.  O_O

I presented him with the same three options I shared with y’all.  Optional bills that we could eliminate or reduce – cable, cell phone, gym.

“Smoochy, we can get rid of the cable and use our laptops and Netflix to watch whatever.”  “Hell no.  How ’bout we just go down a tier on our services?” Great…we’ve just saved ourselves a whopping $10 a month.  Closer to $5 after taxes and such.

“Okay, well, I’m more than willing to give up my iPhone.”  “Girl naw.  You really like that phone and I want you to keep it.  When my contract is up, I’ll go to one of those prepaid smart phones.”  “When is your contract up?”  “Next year.”  Sigh.  We’ve saved nada.

“There’s the gym.”  “Nope.  You and LG like it and I need it.”

We’ve theoretically managed to save a whopping $5 per month.  Fail!

Today I’ll be on the phone with the cable company and our insurance company to see if I can get those bills down a bit.

Couponing doesn’t work for me – I don’t use the things they offer coupons for.  I have decided to get back on my meal planning and to use the circulars to help me save.  I generally grocery shop at Wal Mart, but I know that Kroger can have some awesome sales so I guess I’ll break my oath not to run all over town to get groceries.  And by all over town, I am greatly exaggerating.  Both Wal Mart and Kroger are within a mile and a half of my house.

I shall definitely be spending less time in Tar-jhay and TJMaxx.  I usually wander around in there on Wednesdays before I pick LG up and we head to Bible study.  I’m pretty sure 99.97% of what I buy on those “window shopping” trips is totally unnecessary.

And my dear husband the truck driver?  Has decided he will pick up a few more loads during the week to increase his take home pay.  Sir…if that was an option why haven’t you already done so?  All I could do was smile, kiss his cheek and keep it moving.  Sometimes the answers to your problems are closer than you think!


5 thoughts on “Sooo….

  1. I’m sorry, but the genral rule is that anything purchased in Target and TJMaxx at any time is a necessary purchase. It just is.

    I wouldn’t have had much luck at my house with your plan, either. When Aidan and I were by ourselves, the cable plan worked, but Thug Thizzle absolutely wasn’t having it. Oh well.

    I’m glad you guys figured out a way, though. That Smoochy, he’s so smart!

  2. More work huh Smoochy? I second your question on why hasnt this been offered up before. Whelp problem solved. He’s doing a good deed by taking on that increased responsibility.

  3. Don’t sleep on coupons. They are awesome for everything! I have gotten toilet tissue, paper towels, toothpaste etc. for less than $1. I donate that stuff regularly because I have so much of it. It’s also good for cereal, snacks etc. You just need to be strategic and buy in quanity what doesn’t expire and that you will use.

    I am thinking of giving up cable. I love TV…but I feel stupid because I literally watch L & O (seen every epi) or trash tv. I also have netflix…and I want to read more so I am seriously considering giving it the boot.

  4. you don’t have to run around town, take the Kroger circular to Walmart and they’ll match the price right there at the register.

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