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Today is Monday, August 20.  According to my records we’re supposed to discuss “The Grace of Silence” today.  Um, I haven’t finished it.  And by finished, I mean I haven’t started it.  Let’s reconvene on Tuesday, September 4.  Cool?  Cool.

Speaking of oops, what is wrong with this man???  Apparently this man, who is running for Senate has opened his mouth and inserted not only his foot, but several other feet that were laying around nearby.  Genius – who opposes abortion no matter what – said that the female body “shuts down” to prevent pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.”

What in the what is he talking about??? Now let me say, I believe in a woman’s right to obtain a safe, legal abortion.  Whether or not anyone agrees with me is not the point.  I don’t care if one’s stance is that abortion should be illegal.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But if you’re against abortion, just say “I am anti-abortion.”  Do not spout off b.s. scientific “facts” like a woman’s body shuts down to prevent pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape.  What quack-ass doctor told him that?  What the hell is legitimate rape?  I cannot fathom that there are people with normal levels of intelligence walking around – much less holding office – who believe such nonsense.  I really cannot.

Is this the Republican stance in a nutshell?  “So, let’s make abortion – in any case illegal.  Let’s force women to carry out unwanted pregnancies.  Let’s then deny them any sort of help – financial or medical – while they’re carrying these pregnancies to term.  And, to wrap it all up, let’s not provide any sort of services or support for the women or their children once they’re born.  Because that’s what God would have us do.”  Am I missing something?!?!?

Geez, it’s time for yet another news boycott.  I can’t handle hearing this madness day in and day out until November.


13 thoughts on “Oops

  1. When I read he said, ” the female body “shuts down” to prevent pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.” my head exploded! I just can’t even wrap my mind around how that would work. So does the uterus close? Fallopian tubes shoot blanks? Maybe the egg spontaneously combusts upon contact with the foreign sperm… I just can’t!! with this gaggle of complete idiots!

  2. This comment was a perfect example of the idiotic, chaotic, and possibly catastrophic conditions that are ahead us if we don’t get out and “Rock the Vote” in November!

  3. There seems to be an all out war, spearheaded by folks with no female body parts, against women. From abortion to birth control, the whole thing disgusts me. Legitimate rape? Just uh. It’s scary that these are our lawmakers and potentially people who will rule our world.

  4. Wheeewww,,,because I’m only 46% through the book. I thought I was going to be the biggest loser this morning. LOL

    I wish we could vote all of the dumb azzes off of the continent!

  5. I saw the headline about that idiot elsewhere and I could not even bring myself to click on teh story because I knew it was some bullcrap. There are so many things wrong with his statement, where does one even begin? He sounds like he needs some medication because he is seriously delusional!

  6. I’ve heart some bullshit in my life but that tops it all!! And yes, Nerd girl, I agree with your comments about abortion, it’s entirely up to the individual and the circumstances they are in – who are we -or better still – who is he to judge or comment?!

  7. “Is this the Republican stance in a nutshell?”

    I don’t believe it represents all members of the party but the majority? Yes ma’am pressed ham (TIH)! These folks are obviously smokin’ on that Kesha!

  8. I just want to say that I logged in for the book review and was excited to have completed the book. I won’t be available on September 4, though. I got this…uh…thing I gotta do.

  9. It has taken me until today to pull myself together after the disappointment of not being able to review The Grace of Silence on MONDAY, August 20, 2012. But now I’m OK and will represent on September4, 2012.

    BTW I still need to comment on My Name Is Butterfly. And yes, I’ve read the book.

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