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Cast Your Vote – No ID Needed!

I’ve got to find a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding in October. My future SIL has requested that we wear blue, silver or grey.  I am looking for a long dress – unfortunately my eczema has left me with some leg scars that will not be faded by October 6 – so short is out of the question.  If you’ve seen something fabulous, feel free to point me in that direction.  So far I’ve come up with…

Dress A

Dress B

Dress C



27 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote – No ID Needed!

  1. With your “to die for” figure, it is B!!!! I would pair it with a pair of mid height silver strappy sandals that will be comfy and elegant. Put those gorgeous locs in an updo to show off that elegant, elongated neck and wear small dangle earrings–no necklace!!! Wear neutral make up with just a hint of blue eye shadow in the form of a wide angled eye liner with killer brows!!! You just might upstage the bride.

  2. Dress A – it’s different; the other dresses have a chance that others will be wearing it also. I also think its more flattering for any body type.

  3. I like all three. I would go with the one that is the cheapest. Also, not sure about your b00bs. A might really accentuate them. If I were choosing my my body type, I’d go with A.

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