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Float, Float On!

…and that’s exactly what I’m hoping Tropical Storm/Hurricane/General Nuisance Isaac will do – float right on out to sea and leave us all alone.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Isaac has his sets on the gulf coast – MS, AL, LA, FL may all be affected by Isaac and whatever he’s bringing with him. Sigh.

Being 3 hours inland doesn’t make me any less concerned that a hurricane could be headed our way.  During Katrina we were plagued with torrential downpours, strong winds, downed trees, gas shortages, and loss of electricity and telephones for several days.  So, while we don’t need to evacuate we do have to be ready for loss of services and provisions.

So, in preparation I have…

  • Gone to the store and stocked up on enough non-perishable foods to get us through a few days.  I try to make sure that the majority of our food is fresh and not processed, but in cases like these, all bets are off.  So while we may spend a day eating whatever is in the refrigerator, the rest of our meals will consist of canned fruits, granola bars, peanut butter, nuts, crackers, cookies, bottled water, and the occasional Capri Sun.
  • Pulled all our flashlights and batteries together in a central location – the kitchen table.  This way I won’t have to stumble around in the dark looking for sources of light.  Our weather radio is also on the kitchen table – our satellite (Dish) can’t even manage to stay on during a light rain, I know not to count on them in hurricane force wind and rain!
  • Washed clothes.  All of them.  One of the things I remember most about Katrina – after all of the devastation – was how funky a hamper full of dirty clothes gets after 3 or 4 days.  No air conditioning or ceiling fans going to circulate the air and stuff gets stank with a quickness!
  • Filled up my car.  We’re not evacuating, but it’s always good to be on “F” should the gas stations run out of fuel the way they did 7 years ago.
  • Taken some cash out of the bank just in case.  Small bills only. ATMs may go down and/or people selling goods will claim they have “no change” and a bag of ice could end up costing me $20 if I don’t have small bills on hand.
  • Moved my gun and ammo to a more readily accessible location.  Looters beware!

That’s it! Did I miss anything?  What sorts of natural disasters is your area of the country plagued with?  How do you get/stay ready?  Have you ever had to evacuate?  Live for days without electricity? Tips, hints, suggestions?

Praying for the safety of all of you (and/or your families) that may be affected by this storm.


13 thoughts on “Float, Float On!

  1. Thanks, I’m gonna save these tips. I need to prepare our emergency kits and stock up on stuff now that I have to deal with hurricanes.

  2. we get earthquakes in cali. I need to stock up on non-perishables myself. We have 2 cans of baked beans right now o.O everything else needs to be cooked and if we lose power those beans won’t last us long smh

  3. This is a reminder that I need to stock an emergency kit. We haven’t lost power for more than a day or so in a long time so I’ve gotten slack.

    Stay safe!!!

  4. i’m in california so its earthquakes, though i’ve lived through my share of hurricanes coming from the bahamas.
    did you hear the joke about a hurricane warning and how all these folks went and stocked up on perishables in preparation for the storm – well by monday when the storm clearly had not passed their way they were so pissed and went to the store to return those goods and get their money back!!!.

    be safe.

  5. It sounds like you all have it covered.

    Natural disasters around here mainly involve tornadoes with high winds and flooding as a result. I grew up on the New Madrid fault line but only experienced a few small quakes. If there was ever another quake, we live close enough that we’d still be screwed.

    Mistah handles all the survival stuff. I only take credit for what he does. LOL! We have a bunch of stuff but one thing that comes to mind is the supply of lighters we have on hand for our kerosene lamps and candles. Oh and keep the stuff from the lint bin in the dryer in a Ziploc bag. It can be used to build fire if necessary. He’s taught me so well.

  6. Lately in the last few years we have been getting pelted with stuff we have never seen before. I’m getting better and responding to but not so good at being prepared for. Keeping this post because you seem like you have a real handle on this.

    Praying that this storm just blows back out to sea.

  7. Being the mother of 3 Eagle Scouts and Mr. Over Prepared himself, I think we are prepared. In California there is always the possibility of earthquakes. May I suggest you have varied forms of entertainment/distractions for LG. Charge the iPod, iPhone, and all the i’s that you have. Get a crank light-flashlight-radio-siren-flasher device. That way it can be shaken (not stirred) for ongoing power.

    Stay safe and keep us posted.


  8. There is a cell phone charger, flash light, radio device that has a hand crank. I told myself I would buy that. I keep tea lights and a first aid kit handy.

    The tea lights will keep the car warm for long periods of time and candles cut the chill off an entire room. A few strong winds would take our power out in L.A. so I stayed prepped for the loss of electricity.

    I would add baby wipes to your list. If the water is impacted you can freshen up.

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