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5 x 2 On Friday

  • This year’s DNC has me all in my feelings! I am more energized and excited about the upcoming elections than I have been about politics for a long time.  And by long time, I mean the 2008 elections 😉  I’m pretty sure that I’m preaching to the choir, but please make sure that you’re registered to vote and that you have any and all forms of identification needed to ensure that your vote counts.
  • I’ve been running around shouting out random sound-bites from various speeches.  My favorite two right now?  “Arithmetic!” and “Double down on the trickle down!”  I’m pretty sure people are sick of me right about now.
  • My youngest brother has decided he will not be attending my middle brother’s wedding next month.  I had a slight…fit on Twitter the other night when I first found out.  And now I’m over it.  I will continue to pray for restoration.  Moving on!
  • Had my physical last week.  Doc suggested that since I am on the upper end of the acceptable weight limits, I lose 8 pounds and maintain that weight for the rest of my life.  Done!  I’d been going to the gym 2x a week, I’ve kicked that up to 4 and have started tracking my calories again.  We got this.
  • I still haven’t been shopping for a dress for the wedding.  Maybe next weekend.  I’ll keep y’all posted.
  • Head over to my Mom’s spot and suggest songs for the mother/son wedding dance if you please.
  • Ooh – we may be going to Spain next summer. I am saving like a fiend to make both the trip and the down payment for my car a reality!
  • For those of you with children, how many activities do they participate in?  I’ve limited LG to two – Girl Scouts and Karate. She want to play basketball (which I think is in January and February).  I’ve always been pretty adamant about keeping her schedule manageable for both of us, but I think we could swing an extra activity for 60 days.  Thoughts?
  • I want an Obama Tshirt.  But I have a policy against wearing people’s names/faces on my person.  O_o
  • I’m thinking about getting an MBA.  But everyone vetoes that brilliant idea.  They are – to quote Psonya – loser face losers!



21 thoughts on “5 x 2 On Friday

  1. I just found your blog! I really enjoy reading your posts! My son does 2 sports at time. He takes Tae Kwon Do for afterschool care and whatever season it is, he will play basketball, flag football, or run track. He wants to take swimming, but I’m like there is only 24 hours in a day!

  2. That brother of yours….If I ever met him, I would step on his toe real hard..and twist my foot a little. Then run briskly in the opposite direction.

    That 8 pounds will be easy! “Double down til the 8 pounds trickle down.” See what I did there?

    I have the same rule. No names or faces on me or my kids. I wont play the billboard for no one. No exceptions.

    Get that MBA! Why would anyone tell you no to that? I agree with Psonya about the state of their faces.

    • Ha! If you’re ever in the Austin area, let me know. We’ll arrange a run-by toe twisting!

      I see what you did – and I like!!

      Oh, in their defense, they want me to get a PhD. Guess I should’ve explained that part…

      • LOL! Look, are you doing the online courses at UM? Do they even still offer that option? That’s the program I was considering. My desire to sit in a classroom all day? Gone!

      • The Professional MBA is still an option. It is done all online in two years (if you can handle taking 2 courses at once). That’s why I didn’t finish by this past August. I took only one course some semesters! Finance is hard! Unless you are referring to MY paper, of course!

  3. I’m howling at K_Rocks response!

    I purposely did not watch the DNC/RNC in real time. I plan to take some time over the next few weeks to watch the vids. I do know that something inside of me has me wanting to get involved this election year.

    I am praying for your brother. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel/react if any of my siblings cut off contact. I was reading a devotional yesterday and even in this situation it is best to move on! You are going the right thing. http://sarahyoungdevotions.blogspot.com/2012/09/september-6.html

    Have you created a mock schedule to see what it would look like if you added another activity? Sometimes getting a visual can help make your decision especially since you are kicking your gym visits up a notch as well. If you are saving for your trip to Spain and a car how would adding another activity take away from those goals?

    I’m not big on names or faces on me as well. I was thinking you could get a shirt with a quote but then you would want to attribute it to the right person. Yeah, I got nothin.

    I think I’m totally done with school but if I went back it would definitely be for an MBA.

    • I’ve listened to a few of the speeches on lunch breaks as I have a tendency to multitask when I watch TV – I needed to give them my full attention.

      Thanks for your prayers and for the devotion.

  4. K Rock is FUNNY!

    Go on and rock out that MBA! Four classes!!!

    Oh, 8 pounds? Rock that on out too!

    You have all kinds of awesome going on

    B is typically in two extra activities, one I choose and one she chooses. I don’t count volleyball as her third because that is her favorite; one should would give up the others for…

    have a great weekend!

    • This is the first sport she’s requested, so I’m going to let her do it. The other activity she requested was Girl Scouts. Karate is totally my idea and I’m making her stick with it for at least another few years.

      I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – I am so glad that you all are okay!

  5. The DNC had me all in my feelings too. I’ve never been like this before. But i think it mean a lot to me to have someone in office that i truly admire and respect.

    I told you on twitter that i would fight your sil and your brother!

    8lb seems really doable

    You better get on that dress woman

    I’ve been trying to think of Mother/son 1st dance songs and I keep drawing blanks

    I need a vacation too!

    I’m trying to get Jas in gymnastics We’ll see how that pans out.

    • Have you found someone to fight yet?!? You are on hype! But for real though – holler at me, and we can work somethign out!

      LG asked for gymnastics, but none of the schedules work with ours. Hope Jas enjoys!

  6. So you won’t be wearing that “Psonya is the greatest” tshirt I sent you with my picture on the front and back? FINE! I’ll give it to one of my real friends.

    Two words for your SIL: Whoop.that.trick. Oh, that’s three. Arithmetic!

    Loserface losers, indeed!

  7. I enjoyed this post… the comments are just hilarious!
    1. Yes I am ALL IN my feelings too after the DNC. Obama groupies stand up! LOL!
    2. K Rock is a nut!
    3. Psonya said what I think about your SIL! Just UGH!
    4. I’m all for life long learning…DO IT! Loser face loser? Yup! Be that! LOL!
    5. Knock those 8 pounds out. You definitely got that.
    6. Barack The Vote 2012 is $20.12 – here – http://www.barackthevote.com/home/

    • These stupid pounds are not trying to budge. I feel like after a week of disciplined eating and exercising I should be down…8 pounds 🙂 Alas, that is not the case. On I press!!

  8. I always wonder what kind of lives people are living to tell people not to get higher education. That makes no sense and always comes across as hating. Go get that paper!

    I want to go to Eirope but its so freakig expensive. I look at other locales and tell myself I will wait! England, Spain and Italy are on my lists.

    If you are interested in Asia…I have a great website with awesome tours. I will never do the planning myself on a trip again. Team group tour!!

    • My bad…they want me to get a PhD – they’re not at all against more education.

      This trip is really quite reasonable. It’ll be cheaper than China was for me.

      Did you do all your planning for Thailand? I’m impressed! The less English spoken in a country, the more likely I am to want a tour!

      • No…we did a group tour (11 days i think). And there were so few people who spoke English, we needed the Guide. I LOVED the guided tour..I decided that any time I go out of the country, i am totally doing a tour and never planning myself.

        Do you need a PHD for your career?

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