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Big Girl, Good Times!

My little Chiquita Banana turned 8 on Saturday, September 8.  Can you believe it?!?!  Mama’s little bundle of joy is no longer all that little – though she still brings much joy!

I’d already warned her that she was not having a birthday party this year.  I don’t have any hard and fast rules about when she will/will not have a party – I just knew I didn’t feel like it this year.  She’s a party animal, but she took the news well.  I told her that she and a friend or two could do something – movies, pizza, Chuck E Cheese, whatever.  She chose…rollerskating with her two cousins.  She also invited a girl from school, but the child’s mom never called me back.

So Saturday afternoon, I scooped up the girls and we headed over to a new skating rink that a black lady has opened.  I figured we’d give it a shot.  Well…it was nice.  For the most part.  There’s a lounge with TVs and pool tables, a “shake it” room for dancing, and the skating rink.  But there’s no carpet! You know how most rinks have a carpeted area for you to put your skates on and get your bearing?  Yeah, none of that.  And no rail to hold on to.  And the rink was concrete.  I grew up skating on concrete sidewalks, but every rink I’ve ever been to has had wood floors.  Have I mentioned that none of us are expert skaters?

Anyhoo, Smoochy met us there (straight off the road) and the grand plan was for the girls to skate their little hearts out.  They were all terrified because of the aforementioned issues, but everyone gave it a go.  And then they asked me to skate.  Um…okay.

So I got my never-really-been-a-great-skater self some skates and took a few slow, but cool laps around the rink.  And then.  I fell.  And that ish hurt!  But I’d been telling the girls that falling was a part of it and they had to get up and try again.  So I willed myself to ignore the pain and kept skating.  But I can’t lie – I didn’t want to!

Anyhoo, we skated for a couple of hours and then went back to house for a birthday dinner of tacos and all the trimmings.  The younger girls played with old and new toys alike while my older niece (almost 13) raided my nail supplies and gave herself a mani/pedi.  She also sweet talked me out of a few bottles of polish and my new dotting tool.  Kid better be glad I love her!

And that, was birthday number 8.  My chick was moving so fast that I didn’t even take the picture we’ve taken of every year – her sitting in “my” armchair.  I’m going to rectify that this evening and we’ll just have to pretend it was taken on Saturday!

She insisted on opening a gift as soon as she got out of the bed (at 7 a.m. no less!) so I let her open her gift from my parents – she was all kinds of hyped about that iTunes card! She wants to download every teeny bop song ever made!!










Playing with her new Orbeez. Those little beads? Booooo! But she loves it, and I love her, so it’s all good!



8 thoughts on “Big Girl, Good Times!

  1. My son turns 7 in two weeks! Time has flown by quick! I don’t feel like doing a birthday party either. Hubby and I are trying to come up with an alternative. I like your idea. Happy Birthday LoveGirl!

  2. Happy Belated 8th Birthday Love Girl!!!!!!!!! 8 IS GREAT!

    I salute your courage. I hadn’t been on skates in 8 years prior to Monnie’s skating party on Saturday. I think it would have taken an act of Congress to get me to skate on a concrete floor!

    But the bug has bitten me now and I’m going to start skating regularly. I used to be pretty good and I want to get beyond that level. Plus skating is more fun than the gym. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to Love Girl! I see she opened her best gift first. Gotta love it. I have brand spanking new skates under the bed. That is where they will stay. If I break something now that whole mending process may be waaaay too long for my comfort. But you and Love Girl — Skate On!

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