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No Justice, No Peace

Yesterday afternoon, after we went to the bunk dinosaur exhibit at the convention center, I asked LG what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to Jus.tice.  Huh?

But yes, I’d heard her correctly.  My newly 8-year old child wanted to go shopping.  For clothes.  In a cute, trendy little store.  So I told her we’d go take a look.

No ma’am!  The clothes are cute (some of them) and very much on trend.  They also cost way more than I am willing to shell out on clothes for someone who may not even be able to wear them in December she grows so fast.  LG was particularly enchanted by a faux-fur vest, a crocheted sweater, and a pair of sparkly shoes.  The vest was $40, the sweater was $38, and the shoes were $50.  I’m not going to lie – I don’t spend that much on most of my clothes.  iCant.

So I told LG that while I appreciate her forward fashion sense, most of the items in that particular store were outside of our budget.  That we could replicate the looks for far less by shopping at Tarjhay and Chi.ldrens Place.  We swung by those two stores and found similar items for much, much less – about 60-65% less.  The colored jeans at Jus.tice that cost $40? $14 at Tarjhay.

She’s concerned that “all her friends” have clothes from Jus.tice and she does not.  I told her I appreciated her concerns and I get them – I really do.  But.  We’re not living our lives to keep up with anyone else.  My goal is to keep her cute and clothed – not to outfit her in a bunch of overpriced clothes that will be the color of  Yazoo clay every day by the time I pick her up from aftercare.

I think she got it.  But she’s 8.  I know this will be a conversation we will have many, many more times.  I can hardly wait…

Where do you stand when it comes to outfitting your littles? Designer down?  Strictly budget?  A mix?  Do they have input?  Are there certain stores in which you shop for them?  As they get older – or if they’re already teens – do you spend more so they can have a particular brand or look that’s in?  I’m not trying to count anybody’s money, I’d just like to know where you stand.  Thanks!!



15 thoughts on “No Justice, No Peace

  1. Little Mr’s clothes come from Carter’s, Osh Kosh, and Cookie’s (an NYC kids department store). Name brand stuff is bought on clearance or by grandma. As he gets older, he’ll learn to shop the way my mother taught me: never buy full price, check Marshalls and Century 21 first, and wait for a sale at Macy’s or Lord and Taylor. Save your allowance and birthday money or get a part time job. I have too feed and clothe you, too? Her tips kept me in DKNY and Polo when it was hot in high school.

  2. I’m headed to the consignment shop and goodwill today because Judah needs pajamas. if I can’t find anything there I have 20% off coupons for carters, gymboree, osh kosh, and stride rite. As he gets older I’m sure he’ll be picky, but right now I can do whatever I want!

  3. My daughter is 17 and we never did designer and we still don’t. She may get a 1 coach bag from the outlet for Christmas. By the time they mark it down and I use a coupon, it’s a steal. That is as close as we get to any designer anything. Her clothes come from Ross, Marshall’s, Target, Forever 21, etc….. We don’t try to keep up with other folks.

  4. I’m noticing that Aidan is also become more aware of what he wears. I thought it was too early, but I guess not.

    We just go to the store, he picks what he likes. However, I won’t buy any USPA. With that brand, I cannot. And Nadia almost had a breakdown when I even considered buying him one of those polos. I spend money on his long sleeve button down shirts because he mostly wears those to church. Anything for school is going to get dirty and grungy, so I’m not shelling out much cash for it.

    Anyway, he saw this outfit in the window at Gap and he’s asked me about it about 10 times since. I think we shall be doing the same replication as you. 😦

  5. Well, (cough) since reading the previous comments, I think my ideas are a bit archaic to say the least. However, I never bought designer anything for my boys because I don’t wear designer clothes, unless I find something within my budget at Marshalls, TJMaxx, etc… (I can’t even bring myself to purchase a designer bag at outlet prices.) 😦

    When my boys got older and wanted the designer jeans and shoes, we had a horrible fight! Finally, we came to the agreement that for school clothes shopping and Christmas, they would get their own allowance (divided in half from their clothing budget) and for birthdays, they could choose their ONE outfiT. They were allowed to spend their clothing allowance however they wanted. WELL, one son wore knock offs, clearance items from Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. and managed to look great on a budget. The other son, wore shirts from WalMart (and Sonic—since that was where he worked), designer shoes, but had only TWO pairs of jeans his entire senior year!

  6. My Oldest was not concerened about name brands until middle school. Instituted a school clothes budget and she could buy what she wanted as long as it fit in the budget. She learned a math lesson and still looked good. This child is a slave to certain brands and will pay for them; since she has a job, I have no issues. Mama and Papa pay for room/books/car, she pays for gas/food/clothes so it works out great for us.
    My Youngest was not concerned about name brands either, but was in LOVE with Just.ice also. Instituted the same budget concept and found that I have a fashioinista as well. Girlfriend loves a bargin and will rip-up, stich-up or dye-up some of her existing or new clothes to make it do what it do…to her tastes. So far, no issues here either.

    Neither of them can get down with USPA 🙂 They are truly more concerened with fit and function, and if something is made with a brand name, that is just a bonus. We shop Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlington, and Target, and outlets for Coach, Aeropostal,Sax, J.Crew, American Eagle, Nike, Gap, Ann Taylor, etc.

    I think once you give LG some time and some pointers she will be just fine. Get her to understand the concept of budgeting and you will be well on your way.

  7. My boys are young right now (kindergarten & 2.5yo) and their clothes come mainly from Target, Old Navy & Wal-Mart. I also buy things at TJ Maxx. They are CHILDREN and they play and get dirty EVERY SINGLE DAY, there is no way I’m spending more than $15 on a shirt or pants, unless it’s super cute and/or a special occasion.

    I buy stuff at Target for ME, so why would I go to specialty shops for them? Style doesn’t mean a label or high price tag and I hope I can teach them that. Their father is always fly and he is a BARGAIN shopper he usually racks up at Macy’s during their sales. We’ll be teaching them to invest their money in more worthwhile things.

  8. GET YO HAND OUTTA MY POCKET! I love the budget comments! Great idea! I’m only spending $40 on my own clothes if it’s heavily discounted & a piece of formal/business clothing (gown/spangled top/blazer). I can’t imagine wanting to spend that much on someone who grows out of it in months. My mom used to tell us we couldn’t have expensive things until we stopped outgrowing them. She also said things on trend shouldn’t be expensive but to spend more on quality items you’ll use for years because you end up buying it over and over if you don’t. Yes, you’ll likely have these conversations again, especially over specific pieces or brands, but I love how you handled it.

  9. My niece lived for Justice clothing, but she understands the budget crunch. She signed us up for the email list and we used to get coupons in the mail and with every purchase. It got to the point where we would be in constant coupon rotation and make out like bandits. Of course, we only shopped during a 50% off or more sale to get the most bang for our buck. Now that she has outgrown the store, I’m still glad she’s such a trendy and savvy shopper. I’m sure NerdGirl will get the hang of it in due time. Hang in there, mama!

  10. I buy Justice clothes for my nieces because that’s my job as auntie. I come in and spoil them when I want to and if they want $40 neon green jeans, that’s what aunties are for!

    Now, I do shop around for my own clothes and I know my sisters don’t buy the overpriced stuff for the girls’ wardrobes but I’m here to buy the glitter leggings and tiered ballerina skirts from the overpriced mall stores. My aunts used to do the same for me.

  11. My son is grown, and I don’t have any full time littles ones to raise, so I probably don’t pay as much attention to price of kids clothes as i could. I tend to buy my fiance’s 10 year old clothes from watever store she picks. But I do include JCP. She hates Target, so I skip that store. She lives in another state and spends the Summer with us, which means I probably over spend on her. The one thing that I will NOT do is let her buy anything out of a store that her Mother wouldn’t also let her shop in. I’ve been a stepmother for over 20 years, I know how to avoid that trap.

  12. OMG, I feel you on Just.ice! My oldest got a gift card to there a couple of years ago and I about had a heart attack when I went in there and found shorts for FORTY DOLLARS! I went straight to the sale rack!

    For my 9-year-old, I mainly buy her school clothes at Old Navy, Target or JC Penney. For the 4-year-old I buy at Old Navy, Target, Crazy 8 and Carter’s. The one thing I do splurge on is shoes — not glitzy shoes, but good quality durable shoes. Nordstrom Rack has good kids’ shoes at a discount. My kids have their own sense of what’s cool and so far they are not too brand-conscious. Knock wood!

  13. I don’t but designer clothes for my baby girl unless they are at a store like DDs, Ross, TJ Maxx, ect. I love target for her clothes and that’s where i shop for her the most. She’s almost 3, she just wants to be pretty.

  14. No ma’am no sir on that Justice business! Now I will admit I have purchased a few pieces out of there…on clearance, with a coupon but full price? #MissMeWithThatFoolishness

    ALL of B’s jeans come from thrifting…ALL! Her skirts? Thrifting. And I don’t mean walmart thrift store finds, I mean really nice, tags still in place, gently worn items. We also frequent Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc…

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