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Who Are You Rooting For?

Saturday marked the first home game for the JSU Tigers this football season.  So of course, my little family and I got our tickets and prepared to partake in all of the joy that I believe can only be found at a HBCU tailgate/football game.

Smoochy, as always, got all the provisions and headed to the stadium early, early, early to help the other dudes set up and get their drink on start cooking.  LG and I don’t usually arrive until about 2 hours before the game, but since we were playing Southern and I wanted to park in the stadium, we got there around 12:30.

LG and I begin the short trek into the tailgating area. “Hey lady. Looking good. Can I have 30 seconds of your time?” “Thank you, and no, but you enjoy the game.” “But I’m a Christian. My daddy’s a deacon. I’m a good man.”  iHollered!  I hope he’s able to take a nice girl home to meet his deacon daddy real soon!

Anywhoo, we ate and visited and napped until around 3 when we all headed in the stadium.  I tell you what – the fashions y’all, the fashions! I saw everything from butt cheeks hanging out of cut off shorts to suede boots to everything in between!  I was most taken aback by the groups – yes, plural – of men dressed as dancers.  These dudes were up in the stands in leotards, crop tops, shimmy shirts and short shorts doing dance routines.  Between by bad vision and my disbelief, I never would’ve known they were male had it not been for everyone around me shouting “Yes, Nerd Girl, those are dudes. For real!”  Alright, alright, no need to holler…

There were also all manner of tattoos.  From the ladies with their names tatted in script across their chests (why?!?!?!?!??) to this lady who was sitting across the aisle with this on her thigh:

Yes, I stared at this tat for a good portion of the game. The only words I could make out were “everlasting” and “thing.” Maybe it was a verse of poetry?? A line from 2 Chainz??









After the game we went back to the tailgate.  I was sitting around trying not to fall asleep (the heat was brutal! I was drained) when I looked up and who did I see but my high school prom date strolling through the parking lot selling incense!  He went to Southern, majored in history, and refuses to work for “the man” so he makes his living as a vendor.  He’s a really nice dude and I was thrilled to see him and catch up!  Not very often I see someone I knew from waaaay back in the day.  And when I say “not very often” I mean never.  I stay slightly envious of those of you who see people who you grew up with on an even semi-regular basis.  I’ll try to remember to post our prom pic tomorrow.  Oh, and if you think Smoochy didn’t clown me for “almost marrying” incense man, you’d be wrong.  Sir, one date does not an almost-husband make!!

Anyhoo, we had a great time.  We were all exhausted and drained – it was hotter out there than anyone expected.  We spent all day Sunday laying around, listening to Bill Withers and Aretha Franklin, and flipping through the latest InStyle magazine.  Wait.  That was probably just me.  Smoochy and LG were left to their own devices.

What’d you do this weekend? Are you a football fan? Who are your teams? Are you as shocked as the Cowboys are that they won????


4 thoughts on “Who Are You Rooting For?

  1. all I know is the bears won so i’m good! lol

    I think women need to think long and hard before they get tats in certain places and of certain things. I can’t stand that ratchet that is a chest tat. My oldest niece is a dumb ass tat victim. She had the dreaded chest tat as well as peoples names she no longer dates and tried to cover up with something else smh

  2. The Eagles are 2-1 which could have easily been 0-3. I want the Coach fired and have been calling for his head on a platter for 4 years now. I’m getting ready to take my frustration out on the owner. I’m engaged to a life long Redskin fan, and I live in Redskin territory. The Dallas fans on the job are close to getting pushed down some steps by me. And my Giant friends are the most obnoxious people on the planet! Between these NFC East rivalries, the replacement refs, and THURSDAY night football games all season, I might not hold it together for the rest of the season….

    I’m back to roller skating on Sunday afternoons. SO at least for the next 4 weeks I won’t be in the house actually watching games all day.

  3. #waymint You spent ALL DAY in the Mississippi sun and you’re trying to blame your exhaustion on running?? Disallowed!!! One of my Hampton peeps got her nails done by a girl with “William’s Bust It Baby” tatted on her arm. NO LIE. People…

  4. I’m not understanding the name on the chest tattoo. I mean is this an introduction? Is it so you don’t forget your name? I am so clearly out of it! Yet, I’m okay with that, lol!

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