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Jesus Wept…and So Did We

So this past weekend, Smoochy, LG, and I traveled to Northwest Arkansas for my middle brother’s wedding.  Wrote a little blog about it.  Like to read it?  Here it goes:

  • The fact that Smoochy went with us?  Had LG and I all beside ourselves with excitement.  I’ve mentioned on here before that Smoochy is always reluctant to take a day or two off from work.  Well, we had a ball!  Even he had to admit that he’s going to have to make a more concerted effort to relax and enjoy life a bit more.  Yay!
  • Smooch’s assignment for the trip was to a) get the rental car and b) make sure my brothers were uh…sober enough to stand.  Let’s start with the rental car.  I am notoriously “thrifty.”  Smoochy?  Not so much.  I usually always rent the smallest, most gasoline efficient vehicle on the lot.  Smoochy pulled up in a Suburban.  I was HOT!  He had not even considered that filling this thing up was going to cost more than I spend on gas in a month.  Wooo sah.  We’ve been married for 13 years.  I knew this was one I was going to have to let go…after I told him it was crazy.  And aren’t you proud of me – I only told him once twice a few times.
  • Eight hours – and $100 worth of gas later – we pulled into Fayetteville.  Met up with the rest of my family – mother, father, brother, niece, nephew, uncle, aunts, grandma and we all caught up.
  • Saturday morning we got up and most of us went to the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville.  Y’all.  This museum is gorgeous! Built with WalMart money it is located in a natural, wooded area, suspended over a natural hot spring, and no expense was spared.  Saw an original Norman Rockwell, a few from Georgia O’Keefe, and the creepiest, most realistic sculpture ever.
  • Oh, and if your mother hops into the passenger seat so she can help you navigate?  There’s a good chance that even with two smartphones in her hands, one of which has voice navigation turned on, if you ask her which way to turn she’ll say “how should I know?”  Ma’am….
  • Fast forward to the wedding.
  • Hated my ensemble.  Really I did.  Moving on…
  • I walk in to the space – they married at the aviation museum – and who do I see but my youngest brother!  You know, the one who wasn’t coming?  The one whose relationship with the rest of us is strained at best?  Yeah, him.  I was in a state of shock.  I was like “hey” and gave him a hug.  Then I started crying.  Then my oldest brother walked over and started crying.  I later learned that my mom and future SIL were in the back crying.  God is faithful, I tell you!  I had prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more that that dude would not miss the wedding – and he didn’t.  He didn’t stay long, maybe 2 hours, we didn’t hash anything out, I’m not sure our relationship is any better today than it was a few days ago, but he came.  My prayer – and the prayers of many – was answered and for that I give God all the glory.
  • Then my brother and now SIL exchanged vows.  The wedding ceremony was great – totally them.  They wrote their own vows, the groomsmen wore Vans tennis shoes – as did the bride, and they were surrounded by an awesome group of people who love and support them.  My heart was full of joy.
  • And then it was time to party!  Do I really need to tell you that Smoochy failed at part 2 of his assignment?  Those jokers were still lit up from Friday night and proceeded to indulge a bit more Saturday night!  My SIL’s cousin was the DJ and he did a great job of playing a variety of music that appealed to everyone present – from line dances to The Devil Went Down to Georgia to Don’t Stop Believing to The Percolator – there was something for everybody and we danced until we couldn’t dance any more!
  • Sunday we slept as long as we could, said our goodbyes and everyone headed back to their respective homes.
  • We had an awesome time.  My brother and his wife are happy, we got to see family and hang out with hers (I love my SIL’s family – they are fun, down to earth folks), and got in a little bit of culture, and Smoochy drove the entire trip!  I had prepared myself to drive since he was going to work as soon as we got in on Sunday night, but I think he was really feeling that truck and drove all the way up and back.  Yay!
  • Yesterday LG was out of school – thanks for “discovering” America Senor Columbus – so I took an extra day off and took my girl to the fair.  We had big fun!
  • And that my friends, is what we did over the course of the last few days.  How’s life in your neck of the woods?

Two more things – Happy 40th Birthday to Me!!! and Happy Anniversary to Psonya!


16 thoughts on “Jesus Wept…and So Did We

  1. I am so happy your “lost” brother made it to the wedding. I know it meant an awful lot for your family!

    Maybe I missed something, but do “dish” on the ‘fit you chose for the event.


    I had to LOL when you said you husband rented a Suburban….LOL…I also know NO restraint in this area. GO BIG OR GO HOME! LOL

    I’m so glad that your youngest brother came to the wedding. God is good, let the mending begin!

  3. First let me say that I hate I enjoyed this post. There is nary a picture as far as the eye can yet you mentioned several things that would have benefited from a visual. You couldve threw SOMETHING in there. Dang…

    With that said…its good to hear your bro came to the wedding. Since the wife didnt come, I amguessing it was an individual decision of his. I hope by your excitement at seeing him, he can see how he has affected the family and make more steps to fix it. I really am happy about that.

    And you didnt like your dress? What gives?

    Sounds like a lovely weekend and a lovely wedding.

    I’m with KRock…at least one picture! lol I don’t know the story concerning the youngest brother but glad he came.

    I’ve heard about the Crystal Bridges museum. O and I need to make a trip up that way and visit.

  5. Love it! Love that your bro came. I would have cried real tears too. Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    I’m with KRock, where are the pics and thangs!

  6. I cried when I read your post! I’m so happy your younger brother made the Wedding! This was just a great post/read! It seems like you had a beautiful time with your family!

    And look at you, sneaking in that Fabulous 40! Happy Birthday lady!

  7. Your bullet about seeing your youngest brother really touched me. I can literally imagine everyone crying and hugging one at a time and it’s overwhelming. I’m so glad you got to hug him. Sometimes [with family] that’s all you need.

    AND you know I LOVE weddings. Yes to everything about this entire post!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend. So happy that Smoochy was able to attend and spend the weekend with you guys. WOW @ your brother attending. That is amazing!!!

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