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Ask And It Shall Be Given Unto You

Wedding weekend pics with a few extras thrown in for good measure.  This one’s for you KRock 🙂

This child’s hair? Makes me want to weep every time I have to wash, detangle and style it. I’m thinking a texturizer would make our lives soooo much easier.

All those plastic, robotic dinosaurs were totally scary! Don’t I look petrified?

Crystal Bridges Museum. Looking from one “pod” to the next. Man, this place was stunning!

This sculpture was mad realistic. It’s the artist as he imagines he will look when he’s older.

So yeah, I took more pictures at the museum than anywhere else 🙂

My niece, LG, and my nephew. They had such a good time together. So much fun that they could hardly be still to take a good picture 🙂

Youngest brother and the kiddos 🙂

Womp womp


You already know – we had to take LG on a quick tour of our beloved alma mater. And you already know – she was unimpressed. SMH.

Smoochy and I had a long, long discussion about slavery, sharecropping, and picking cotton. Let’s just say I thank God I was born when/where I was. I was tired just looking at all that cotton. I cannot imagine having to pick it for a “living.”


21 thoughts on “Ask And It Shall Be Given Unto You

  1. Yeah! Thanks for the pics! Now I have a true feel for your weekend. You look good in that dress. So I do second the question posed above…why didnt you like it?

  2. The dress looks nice on; I’m curious – how was your hair styled?
    LG has lots of hair (but I’m stating the obvious) – as a mother when it comes to hair and this natural movement, you have to do what makes sense. My only thought is find someone you trust to do the texturizer if you can’t do it yourself – but don’t pay an arm and a leg.

    • Thank you. My locs are curled and in a high ponytail – easy peasy. I’m not getting her a texturizer – I wish she weren’t so tenderheaded though – I feel like no matter how gentle I am, I’m torturing her 😦

      • use lots of conditioner or whatever you use to style it…her hair is thick, the more you put on the easier it is to comb. learned that lesson way too late.

  3. I think you look great.

    LG has hair like one one of my BFFs. I’ve wished for hair that thick and healthy for as long as I can remember! My natural hair is thinner and a shade of brown I don’t care for. So, with the help of jet black hair dye and Black Diamond Italian curly, I get the fuller, dark hair i love! 😉

    • Thank you.

      I think LG will appreciate her hair more when she’s older than she currently does. She and I have similar hair which is one of the reasons I opted to loc mine up. I honestly couldn’t see myself dealing with two heads full of thick, loose, natural hair.

  4. yay pics!!!

    LG does have A LOT of har. Detangers work wonders! lol I braid jas’s hair every other sunday just so I don’t have to deal with *alladat*. I’ve also been “combing” it since she was 3 months so shes far from tender head. I pray for you tho because my niece is a tender and i braided hers on sunday and felt SO bad.

    I guess I’m the only one who is gonna semi agree with you about your dress. I think it was a LITTLE too big. It looks like it’s empire waist and those usually hug a little right under the boobage area. It still looks great tho and do did your hair.

    • I wish I knew how to braid. Not enough to actually learn how to braid, but still I wish 🙂
      Her being tender-headed is the worst! LG’s always had hair, but I could just comb through her hair until she was about 4 – so she went from having straight hair with no kinks, to kinkier thick hair and her poor scalp just didn’t keep up!

      It was too big – thank you for your semi-agreement! I’m thinking about having it taken it – I like the dress, just not the fit.

      • The older Jas gets, the thicker her hair seems to get too. She had these really silky curls for the 1st year. Now its still curly but the texture isn’t as silky as before. The braids save my mornings lol. I can’t do hair every morning.

        Taking it in a little is a great idea. You can definitely wear that dress again to another fancy shindig.

  5. Poor LG. I have a tender scalp. Notice the ‘have’ not had. Getting my hair done when I was little was pure torture and precisely why I learned to do my own hair. Good luck.

    That sculpture is creepy. I can’t comment on the dress because I’ve never seen you in person, but I think you looked lovely (sans the shoes).

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