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Monday Morning Musings

  • Do you match your socks to your shoes, your shirt, your pants?  I had on a blue, yellow, white and fuchsia striped cardigan, a white tank, blue jeans and fuchsia loafers.  What color socks “should” I have worn??
  • I do not care for red velvet cake.  I don’t understand the hype.
  • This weekend we celebrated my birthday since Smoochy wasn’t home on Tuesday.  He brought me a cheesecake and his feelings were so hurt when I told him I don’t like cheesecake.  Yes, I bake them – because other people like them, not for my own personal consumption.  Yet another dessert over which I do not understand the hype.  Team pound cake!
  • Smoochy told LG about this trip to Spain we are trying to make happen.  Why, why, why???  Sir, you are not new to this parenting game – I don’t tell LG anything about going anywhere until the night before.  At the earliest!  While I appreciate all of her questions and concerns?  I really was not trying to deal with this for the next 8 or 9 months.  Grrrrrrr!
  • In 79 days? I will be free to buy nail polish once again.  Bwahahahahaha!  I.Cant.Wait.
  • Running makes me hungry and sleepy.  Guess what I was before I started running?  Hungry and sleepy.  Why am I doing this again?!?
  • Did I tell y’all that last Sunday when we were driving back from Arkansas my child said “Daddy, when we get to Louisiana will you pull over so I can get a scratch-off ticket?”  Hold up.  What in the world does this kid know about a scratch-off ticket and gambling?  Maybe she is sneaking out of the house once I fall asleep at 9 8 every night.
  • Tarjhay has sweaters for $15 this week.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy their cardigans?  Well, I do.  And I’m surely going to purchase one – and only one – after work today.  Now, if we could get some consistently cool weather, it’ll be all to the good.

That’s it.  What’s shaking?


15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. i do not understand the hype around red velvet cake either.
    i hope LG stops asking questions about trip that isn’t planned yet soon…that will drive you bonkers.
    running makes you sleepy and hungry, now the thing is you cant just eat any old thing in sight or you wont see the results of your running…good news in another 2-3 weeks you won’t be so hungry and tired because your body will have gotten used to it. I’m rooting for you.
    i may just check out the cardigans at said store this week.

    Have a good one!

  2. I don’t know that you had to have on a specific color. What color socks did you wear? I don’t get all matchy matchy. There are so many fun patterns out these days it allows me to blend with my outfit. Otherwise, I just skip them all together…..unless it’s freezing out in which case my feet will be covered up so who cares. LOL!

    I’m not a big cake person. I like mine to be fairly plain in texture (no stuff embedded on the inside) but I will mess up some red velvet. I also tend to scrape off most of the icing. Weird I know but most icing is just be too sweet for my taste.

    I love cheesecake but it must be plain. Big surprise. Any toppings, which amounts to strawberries for me, must be on the side. And not that strawberry sauce stuff either. It looks like blood which in turn grosses me out and makes me not want to eat anything. Blech!

    Why is Smoochy breaking the house rule and spilling the beans?! Two ruler smacks on the hand for him.

    “Did I tell y’all that last Sunday when we were driving back from Arkansas my child said “Daddy, when we get to Louisiana will you pull over so I can get a scratch-off ticket?””


    Wish I would have known about the cardigan special at Target. I was just out there a few hours ago.

  3. I guess match your pants? I only have white & black and only wear them to workout. Red velvet is overrated but I like cheesecake! LG does all awesome things while you’re asleep! But this you already know!

    • You don’t wear socks unless you’re working out? I’m kinda sad for your feet! But I love socks, so I’m biased.
      I’m thinking she and Judah get together on a semi-regular basis. He provides the material for Honest Toddler and she types out his thoughts!

  4. Socks: I’m with Jameil. Wear them for workouts. Or I get the funky ones from Target that don’t match with anything just because I think it’s funny.

    Red Velvet: If and only if my husband’s aunt makes it. Every dessert she prepares has a foot in it. And that foot would be her own.

    Cheesecake: Meh. I’m with you on that.

    Spain? Who’s better than y’all! Wowzers. Way cool. Telling the babygirl: Not so much.

    Running: I ran five miles in my dream last night. I was hungry and tired afterward. I think.

    Scratch off ticket: At least she didn’t tell you to go play her numbers. Hee hee.

    Target: I gave it up for lent once. And usually do every time my church fasts. My relationship with food isn’t deep enough to chasten me. Now my relationship with Target? That’ll make me call on Jesus every time.

    Have an awesome day. 🙂

    • That’s that California in you coming out! I never wore socks until I migrated this way.
      Ha! I think I’m going to relegate running to Sunday morning, pre-church workouts. I miss the stuff I enjoy – Zumba – way too much to make this my primary workout as it seems to have become lately. No bueno.
      I too have fasted from Target. Shame.
      Thanks – you too!

  5. I say no socks. I don’t wear them, except for Christmas socks at Christmastime – around the house.

    LG is hilarious. Sooooo, are the scratch offs in Louisiana better winning tickets?

    I need a couple of the boyfriend cardigans Target has-I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    • Y’all and your abandonment of the wonders that are socks!
      We don’t have lottery in MS – apparently my SIL has been taking LG over to LA on occasion and my little kid now needs to call Gamblers Anonymous O_o
      Well…what’d you get?

  6. I can’t stand red velvet. I cringe every time someone orders red velvet cupcakes from me…like right now as I’m baking 50 of them and staining everything red in the process. Gross.

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