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That Can Be Arranged

After a particularly heated debate in blog land many, many moons ago I vowed that I would stop posting my opinions on dating.  Because really, what did I know?  I married my college sweetheart and quite honestly have never dated as an adult.  All of my dating took place around frat parties, Homecoming dances and all-school skate nights.  Concerns about a potential suitor’s credit score, income, car, children, ex-wife, home-ownership?  Never came into play.  As long as he was nice, could take me to the movies (and yep, we still had $1 movies back then), take me to Little Rock (the big city) every now and again, and wasn’t on the freak list?  I was good.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t read blog posts dedicated to dating, watch news reports on how hard it is to get partnered up in these days and times, or ignore the fact that I know scores of awesome men and women who cannot seem to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

I also observe the world around me and it really, truly makes me concerned for LG and her future relationships.  Have people always been so…crazy?!?!?

So I’ve been thinking that while LG would probably protest and fight me with the strength of a thousand sumo wrestlers on this – if I could?  I would totally arrange a marriage for her.  I know, or “know” lots of folks who are raising boys to be men in a manner of which I “approve.” If the apples don’t fall from the tree?  These boys will be good husband material in the next, oh say, 20 years.

So, if you’re parenting (or know of) a young man between 8-13 who loves God, is kind, plans to pursue higher education, and can deal with a chatty, marvelous only girl child whose parents want and plan nothing but the best for her? Holler at me.  I kid.  Kind of…

Of course, I type all of this knowing good and well that if arranged marriage was a part of my reality, my mom would’ve hooked me up with K, a boy I went to high school with, who had no sense of humor, and never talked.  Totally wouldn’t have worked!



12 thoughts on “That Can Be Arranged

  1. We are arranging marriages for all of our children. Already got the preliminary picks. We know and trust their parents. They all hang out together. Everything is shaping up juuuuust right. *diabolical laugh*

    I understand what you mean about dating advice. I got married not too far out of high school so I dont really understand the dating game. And I really couldnt say that I would be doing a great job at it either. I certainly feel like I can still give advice but there are quite a few things that I hold back on cuz I cant relate.

  2. Arranged marriages???? Ohhhhh…I’m riding all day and all night with you on that one. I’m still trying to arrange for my 34 y.o, 30 y.o. and my 22 y.o. boys. I want smart grandkids!

    I also vowed to no longer comment on dating posts. I’ve broken that vow a few times. Sometimes I just have to comment on the craziness that is called dating these days. 🙂

  3. You know I dated in my 20s but as I move into my 30s and still have a lot of unmarried friends, I can tell there are already some things I just need to go ahead and shut up about. One of them is concerns about when to have children. Oh sorest of sore spots for some people and completely understandable. I shall shut up about it. While I can’t say I wanted my mom to arrange me (she soooo wants to do this w/my sister), her approval was critical. If she didn’t like a guy, he was out. Maybe not immediately but it never went well if she didn’t like him. She can be very diplomatic but that diplomacy also speaks volumes. Obviously, Rah passed with flying colors!

  4. My sixteen month old’s wife has already been chosen. Of course, she also happens to be his god sister, but hey, I know she comes from a good West Indian family and knows his traditions.

    Dating these days seems utterly ridiculous, what with baby mamas and child support dramas, and men with no morals. You used to be able to find someone halfway decent at church, but they’re just as bad. I know I’m fortunate not to be in the game anymore.

    • I figured that Aidan had found someone else if you were advertising for a suitor for LG. That seemed like a given to me! Lol.

  5. I had Buddha’s marriage all arranged….and then the little girl moved to TX. Hmph. It’s best that I arrange his marriage b/c he’s not allowed to date until he’s 21. Yep, 21.

  6. The wedding I went to last weekend was arranged. Both people are in their 30s and they both had been in prior relationships that were leading to marriage and ultimately failed. The parents are good friends and put them together. I think it can be a great thing

  7. “I would totally arrange a marriage for her. I know, or “know” lots of folks who are raising boys to be men in a manner of which I “approve.” If the apples don’t fall from the tree? These boys will be good husband material in the next, oh say, 20 years.”

    All of this for B as well!

    That is why I’m trying to stay in good with @Serenity23…Tyler will make an outstanding SIL! LOLOL

  8. I’m late to the party, but I am with you on this one. My husband and I joke that we have an arranged marriage because his mom (my former co-worker) set us up on a blind date. We got married one year and three days after that first cup of coffee. Sometimes Mama knows best!!

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