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Friday Randoms

  • I appreciate y’alls appreciation of my extraordinary artwork.  And I’m happy to report that I have had no issues getting home since Monday 🙂
  • If you wear not-so-dark-rinse jeans and a sparkly tank top to work?  Throwing a blazer on over it doesn’t make it business casual.  But I did it anyway.
  • Last Friday night LG and I went to see Hotel Tr.ansylvania.  Cute little movie.  I was initially upset that I left my phone at home – I’d planned on reading during the movie – but ended up getting caught up in the story.  If you’ve got little ones, I recommend.
  • There is a woodpecker having its way with the side of our house.  No bueno.
  • Homecoming is this weekend.  I’m not going.  😦
  • I’m ready for this election to be over and done with.  The hatred and foolishness is making me particularly weary this go ’round.  I honestly don’t know how or why anyone chooses politics as a career.  I could not do it ’cause I’d have let some of these folks know exactly how stupid the words coming out of their mouth are – and I would not have been PC in my delivery.
  • I’m going to St. Louis next month for a training.  I don’t think anyone reading is in the Lou, but if you are and want to get together, let me know.  I know I’m going to the Arch – any other must sees??
  • Every Thursday night I stay up until 9 so I can watch S.candal.  And every Thursday night I fall asleep by the second commercial break.  Guess what I watch every Friday at work?
  • Y’all know I stopped running right? Well, I did.  I don’t like it.  And I like Zumba.  And running was keeping me from Zumba and LG from karate lessons.  So, I stopped.  Well not entirely.  I get up and run/walk ~3 miles on Sunday mornings. That’s enough.  I applaud all you die hard runners, but running shall not be my primary form of cardio.  Nope.
  • My current workout regimen is:  holding plank every morning and night; Zumba on Monday, Thursday, Saturday; and Sunday run/walks.  Next week I’m adding a weight training class on Mondays.  I think this will get me where I want to be physically – and keep me there.
  • I love having home warranty insurance.  For the most part.  Our oven stopped working and I just knew they were going to have to replace that 30 year old relic with a new one.  Wouldn’t you know it – I think those resourceful jokers have found all the replacement parts!  Oh well, I’ll just be glad to have an oven again – I’m in the mood to bake.
  • Tonight LG has a bridge ceremony – from Daisy to Brownie in Girl Scouts.  If that ceremony isn’t too long (how could it be?) we’re going to “Park After Dark” for “spooky science and creepy crafts.”  Tomorrow we’re going to the pumpkin patch to commune with nature.  Outside of church on Sunday, that’s it. The rest of the weekend will be spent with me in sweats puttering around the house 🙂
  • Do you have big weekend plans?
  • Have a great weekend – be blessed!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. I meant to come applaud your deer. They really added that je ne sais quois to your masterpiece.

    Hotel Transylvania is one of our movies, so yay! (I’d yay more if that helped my paycheck in any way)

    We DVR Scandal so that when we get up around midnight or 4am we can watch.

    Our weekend will be spent at a baby expo/clothing swap. Kids are expensive and we can hardly afford the one we’ve got, what with having to feed him and all. Two boys will surely result in ridiculous grocery bills.

  2. Our weekend plans involve dropping one kid off with her cousin and the other one off with her grandparents.Maybe we will go out to dinner, maybe not. I look forward to a lazy Sunday morning reading my Kindle with a cup of coffee listening to old Stevie Wonder songs. 🙂

    Happy Friday!!

  3. i watch scandal since i dont have a dvr – so far i’m hooked. i used to watch grey’s anatomy but i’m over it.
    sorry to see you stop running – the first step or 20 is the hardest, but after that it can be quite relaxing. i feel so accomplished after a run.
    i feel that christians get hoodwinked every presidential election on abortion and gayrights – this is not an indicator of how good a leader you’ll be and btw no one man can fix the economy.
    my weekends are boring – usually tied around some activity around the little one, but i do have a couple of birthdays this weekend, so definitely some celebration.

  4. Weekend plans will include at least one of the following:

    Make chilli
    Go to a haunted house (or two)
    Go to the movies
    Clean up
    Lay around and do nothing

  5. I am absolutely WEARY over politics. I can’t take much more. I have spent my entire career in the Public Sector and I have never felt this bad about Politicians. I’m so done! I need November 6th to be here like….yesterday.

    I don’t run either. I ran a 5K for Susan Komen, so I trained hard for that. Afterward running started to bother my hip too much. So I roller skate. I LOVE it! I’m getting ready to sign up for Pilates and Zumba. I think as long as you stay active and get the heart rate up, all exercise is good exercise.

    I went to Happy Hour last night, realized that it was after 9 and I was 20 miles from home!!!! YIKES..I broke land speed records getting home for Scandal. Al DVR’s it for me, that way I can watch it twice. Don’t they talk too fast? Sometimes I need to watch it twice.

    This weekend Al has a consultation for Lasiks. We need to make a batch of wine and more closet organization.

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