My goal was to blog every day in November. I made it…almost. I missed one day. Ah well, I gave it the old college try.

Now excuse me, it’s time for another zinc pill and a shot of NyQuil. I’ll holla!


Man down!

Scratchy throat? Check.
Grouchy? Check.
Zinc, vitamin C, OJ? Check x 3.

It’s official. I’m feeling less than. May it pass quickly. Amen.


Bundled up at the pumpkin patch


Overlooking St. Louis from inside the Gateway Arch


Peruvian Chicken soup – delish!


Sauteed mushrooms.  Man, these things were so tasty.  I’ve got to figure out how to replicate.


Strawberry-basil mojito.  Yum!  If you couldn’t tell, I heartily approve of all things Peruvian.  Though I’m pretty sure mojitos are not…


Stuffing a turkey with White Castle sliders?  No.


Who in the world is paying $650 for a used Christmas tree?!?!?  Or for a new one for that matter…


My nieces and my kid at Thanksgiving dinner.  My SIL is under there somewhere.


The contract LG wrote up.  And that I foolishly signed.


My blanket pajamas.  I have two pair.  And no shame about wearing them when I’m cold.  Which is often.  Smoochy has been trying to destroy both pairs for 13 years.  No dice 🙂

January, February, March

No new clothes for yours truly for the first three months of 2013.  The only exceptions will be underwear and workout pants – if necessary.  Oh, if the Obamas call and invite me to dinner, all bets are off.  What?  It could happen 🙂

Anybody else doing/considering a buying ban for any/all of next year?  If so, what are you giving up? Anybody do one this year?

I’ll Walk

Most of the peons (self included) at the hospital where I’m employed park in a large parking lot across the street from the hospital.  Doctors, high level administrators and those who’ve put in waaaay more time than have I are given the privilege of paying to park in lots that are closer than the 1 mile RT walk the rest of us put in daily.  There are shuttle buses that circle the lots and campus pretty regularly, but I usually refrain from riding them as they are usually full, I could use the exercise, and I don’t like making small talk on my way in to/out of work.

Today I needed to run to the bank on my lunch hour.  It was pouring down rain so I decided to wait for the shuttle bus.

When the bus arrives, I hop on, nod my head and give the driver a “hello.”   “Hey sista – what’s going on?”  “Hey now.”  And I settle in for this 5 minute ride.  Hoping for peace and quiet. ‘Twas not to be.

He promptly launches into a story about how his “old lady” is sick at home with a chest cold.  So he bought her a can of soup and gave her some corn liquor.  To “burn that ish out of her chest.”  Every time she wakes up, he gives her more corn liquor and she falls back to sleep.  I told him he was either going to cure her or kill her…

He then launched into a scolding.  Of yours truly.  Talking about how I never ride his shuttle bus so he thought I was stuck up. But he’s glad I rode today because he’s really enjoyed our conversation and he sure was going to tell his old lady that the chick with the hair finally got on his bus today…

It may be pouring cats and dogs when I leave here today.  I’m still walking to my car.  There’s only so many conversations I can have about old ladies and corn liquor in one 24 hour period.  Where is Psonya?  She’s got a gift for these conversations.  I, sadly, do not.


She’s Listening

LG just brought me 3 dollars and some change from the school’s book fair a few weeks ago.

I told her she could keep it. She asked why. I told her because I love her. She started grinning and said “thanks for showing me grace Mom! Or is it mercy? No, it’s grace. Thank you for grace!”

Thank you indeed. If it weren’t for grace – and mercy – where would any of us be?

See These Bags?

LG and I got out in the yard today and got about…1/3 of the backyard raked. I also hacked the hell outta, I mean um, gently pruned my azaleas. Surely this burned off all the mac and cheese I consumed for Thanksgiving. If it didn’t, do me a solid and don’t tell me!