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Secret Stashes & NaBloPoMo

A blog entry every day for the entire month of November?  Sure.  Why not?  I’m in.  Anyone else?

Moving on…

Today I just have a question or two some questions for y’all who are coupled up.  Do you have a “secret stash” of cash that your spouse/partner/SO knows nothing about?  If so, how do you feel about your stash?  Is it something you think everyone should have?  Do you think it’s dishonest to squirrel away money that your S.O. is unaware of?  God bless the child whose got her/his own?  If you have one is it because your mama told you to always have your own money?  Have you ever had one and then decided to come clean about it?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Please go forth and comment – if you need to comment anonymously, feel free.  Thanks!


20 thoughts on “Secret Stashes & NaBloPoMo

  1. Im not sure if I can do the blog a day for the month…but I certainly have lots to say…I just talk to myself instead! Note to self…

    Anyhoo, I have always had money of my own (SO knew about it, but didn’t know how much, etc. AND DIDN’T DARE ASK!) I have always believed in having 3 bank account: One for direct deposit of BOTH incomes and payment of bills and household expenses. I have always had a MOMO (money of my own) account that I used for whatever I wanted! On top of that, I squirreled about $10-$20 per pay period for emergencies! Color me bad, but I MAKES IT, I SPENDS IT!

  2. BTW, the 3rd account would be SO account of whatever. The money was split like this: all income deposited into household account, bills paid, top 10% to savings, etc….. the rest was split equally! Well, sometimes not so equally… I HAVE MORE EXPENSES!

  3. Hubs and I have a joint account and separate accounts at our respective banks. Our money, his money, my money. It’s not so much a stash because he knows I have miscellaneous bills of my own. I keep additional money in savings, or “vex money” because every married woman I’ve ever known (including my mother in law) has advised me to.

  4. He knows I have an ING account but he doesn’t have access to it. I didn’t hide it, but if he were to suddenly go insane, I’d put it to use. Like Inner Diva, my mama always told me to always have a little change of your own. But truth be told, I make more than he does so he’d probably be worse off than I ever would.

  5. I would so advise every woman to have an account of their own. I was one of those women who did not and I paid the price after the divorce. I ended up with all the debt and he was free as a bird (even though he earned twice as much as I did). Lesson learned. Never again! Would it be a secret? Probably not but I will always keep my own account now.

  6. I dont and I would take issue if he did. I believe fully in whats mine is ours and vice versa.

    I thought about the post a day thing but know deep down in my heart that I would not keep up with it.

  7. *delurking to comment*

    Hubby and I both have “fun money” accounts. We are each allocated a weekly amount of personal money that we can either save/spend after buying lunch & gas for the workweek. I use the majority of mine to buy gifts for family/friends and to treat our family to day trips and outings. Hubby uses his for the same things.

    This may not work for all couples, but it has worked for us. In the beginning of our marriage, we tried “one account for all expenses” but the recordkeeping was harder. I also felt like a drain on our finances because I made a lot of small purchases for gifts and such. Then I realized my husband was not making as many purchases, but when he did, it was always more expensive.

    We have been married for 23 years now. I like being able to surprise him with weekend getaways and day trips. I usually pay for the hotel & transportation and he will pay for meals and admissions to events.

  8. When I was married I always had a separate account. He knew about it but couldn’t access it. My fiance and I aren’t planning on getting married anytime soon. And when we do I’m sure we will have separate accounts. We are both at the stage in life where co-mingling funds is just not the wise thing to do. We have each others names on the necessary documents.

  9. I have my own account (as does he) but it’s no secret. He could access it if need be (I have an ‘if I die or become incapacitated’ file that contains pertinent info). I believe everyone should have ‘pin money’ as my grandmother called it.

  10. I am doing a #AThankful30Days for November. Pray for me hear? LOL

    Every single woman in my family and the elders in E’s family advocate having money of your own that hubs doesnt have access to, not necessarily secret but if he decides he wants to jump bad all of a sudden you and your babies will be able to jump back! LOL

    I also have an If I Should Die file…I need to update it though.

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