Daddy’s Baby

When I was pregnant with LG, Smoochy and I opted not to find out the sex of our impending bundle of joy.  Okay, really – I opted not to find out and since I was the one providing temporary housing…I won.

Anyhoo, I confess that I was a little concerned that the baby would be a boy.  And if the boy wasn’t all athletic and jock like he’d be a disappointment to Smoochy.  I was also a little concerned that the baby would be a girl.  And that she and Smoochy wouldn’t be close.  Yeah, I’ve got issues.

I needn’t have worried.  Of course we had ourselves a LG and she and Smoochy have been thick as thieves since she entered our world 8 some odd years ago.  I love to watch the two of them together – they hang out and watch TV, go out to various movies  just generally hang out.  Without me.  And that’s fine by me.  In addition to giving me a break from full time Mom-duty during the week when Smoochy is on the road, it gives them time together to strengthen their already air-tight bond.

I’m particularly amazed by their relationship because I am so not a daddy’s girl and am amazed by those who are.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my father dearly and appreciate him more than I’ll ever be able to truly express, but when it comes down to it – I’m Team Mom.

So, on this Saturday night as I get ready to head over to Jackson State for a production of The Color Purple, my husband and daughter are downstairs discussing their respective weeks and waiting for 7:00 to roll around so they can go check out the latest offering in kiddie movie land – Wreck-It Ralph.  I’m forever thankful to God for our little family, for my husband’s love for me and LG, and for the love she has for her Daddy!

Happy Saturday 🙂