I know someone who needs help.  And I am in the position to help them.  Nothing major – a few dollars, maybe a WalMart gift card.  Denying myself a lunch or dinner would let me help them while barely feeling the “sacrifice” myself.

And I started not to help them.  Because their situation is “their fault.”  Because they made choices that were the opposite of choices I would’ve made.

Then I thought who the hell am I to judge someone else and the choices they make?  I’ve needed help in this life before and I certainly didn’t need judgment or condemnation from those whom I asked for help. I am certainly glad that God doesn’t hold my mistakes against me when I go before Him with a request – mistakes I could’ve avoided had I listened when He spoke.

My prayer this week is to keep harsh words and judgments about other people out of my mind and out of my mouth. Amen.