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I know someone who needs help.  And I am in the position to help them.  Nothing major – a few dollars, maybe a WalMart gift card.  Denying myself a lunch or dinner would let me help them while barely feeling the “sacrifice” myself.

And I started not to help them.  Because their situation is “their fault.”  Because they made choices that were the opposite of choices I would’ve made.

Then I thought who the hell am I to judge someone else and the choices they make?  I’ve needed help in this life before and I certainly didn’t need judgment or condemnation from those whom I asked for help. I am certainly glad that God doesn’t hold my mistakes against me when I go before Him with a request – mistakes I could’ve avoided had I listened when He spoke.

My prayer this week is to keep harsh words and judgments about other people out of my mind and out of my mouth. Amen.


7 thoughts on “Help

  1. I read an article about that Lady in NY who lost her poor sons in #Sandy because people who could, didn’t help her. She mentioned The Good Samaritan story and how they ended up helping because they wondered what would happen if they didn’t help.

    Also on Black Girls Rock, Susan Taylor said something like Hands that serve are better than lips that pray….I like that statement.

    Thoughts to ponder…

  2. That statement caught my attention also!
    “Hands that serve are better than lips that pray”

    I so believe that.

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