Risky Business

This morning on the Twitter I mentioned that I was wearing an argyle sweater, a striped shirt and polka dot socks in an attempt to pattern-mix like all the fashion bloggers are doing nowadays.  And that I felt foolish.  After posting a few pics, Twitterland assured me I looked fine – but that the socks may have been overkill.  Fair enough.

Feeling all fashion forward and bold, I then threw on a pink, leather rose-shaped ring my mother brought me back from her travels.  Oh, you read right.  A pink, leather, rose-shaped ring.  Moving right along…

I pretty much wear the same thing every day.  A pair of pants, a tank top, and a cardigan.  Lighter fabrics when it’s warm, heavier when it’s cold.  But pretty much the same thing.

This week I’ve broken out of my rut – a little.  Tuesday I wore this dress (in green) with brown tights and boots.  I think it’s too short to wear to work again but guess I’ll wear it on the weekends.  Today I went “wild” and mixed patterns.  That’s all I’ve got to give.

I need to shop my closet, come up with some new combos, and expand my style just a wee bit.  Any tips, hints, suggestions?  How do you shake up your wardrobe when you’re bored with the contents of your closet – buy something new or work with what you’ve got?

Mix it up!

Why does my hand look so freakishly large?!? Never mind. Just check out my leather ring bling!