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Five on Friday

  • Blogging every day?  Hard.
  • My friend continues to cheat in WWF. I’m not so bold as to suggest that I know every word in the world or that someone else doesn’t, but this chick and the words she plays?  I’m not buying it.  In our current game she’s played:  padouk and glozes.  Mmm hmmm. I’m still winning.
  • I know the election is over…but it still chaps my hide that there is a very large segment of the population that really, truly, deep in their heart of hearts believe that there is another very large segment of the population that’s just sitting around waiting for a handout.  Come on now….
  • Tomorrow is the last home game of the season for JSU.  I hope they win.  I’d like for JSU and UAPB – we’ve already won our division 🙂 – to meet at the SWAC Championship game in Birmingham and for the Golden Lions of UAPB to stomp all over those Blue Bengals of JSU!  Kinda sad that the season – and noise talking – are almost at an end.
  • Speaking of sad, how is it that the year is almost over? Smoochy and I were talking this morning about which of LG’s many Christmas wish-list items we’re going to bestow on her.  Seems like just yesterday we were amazed at how fast 2012 had arrived.

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend.  Be well!


One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. I had a friend I was playing in wwf who I swear could never get over 200 points in a game. Randomly one day she started hitting me with all kinds of words there was no way she knew and they were always perfectly placed, whereas before she didn’t even seem to know how to take advantage of double and triple. I laughed out loud every time she played a word and in the end I still beat her. All I wanna know is why do you even want to play if you have to cheat? There are people I play who beat me every time and I like that challenge. Never occurred to me to cheat to beat them.

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