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Bottled Awesome

This stuff right here? The bomb! Washed and conditioned LG’s hair Friday night then used this to detangle. I’m in love. I found it at Ulta for about $8. Amazon has 3/$19 – will definitely be ordering from them from here out.



5 thoughts on “Bottled Awesome

  1. A natural page I follow was talking about this after I saw you and Single Ma talking about it on Twitter. Apparently you can find it anywhere…except every last place I went. People said TJ Maxx, Walmart, Vitamins places, Ulta…everyplace I went…NADA!

    I may just order off Amazon. That was also a popular suggestion because a lot of people couldn’t find it.

    And can we get a better review than this? Like…scent, slip, etc? Jeez.

    • Uh…it smells good. I take that back. It must at least not smell bad – I don’t remember reacting to the smell one way or the other.

      What is slip? It made the comb slip through LG’s hair if that’s what it means. So yep, slip is good.

      It didn’t absorb all that easily – I though she might have white flakes in her hair when it dried, but she didn’t, so I give it an A for absorbability 😉

      Not sure how well it will hold moisture in her hair – will do a follow-up.

      Alright – that’s all I got. Better?

  2. I get it from Sprouts – for 6.99 and if its on sale 5.00. I like everything from this line so i stack up. i also use this as my leave in mixed with aloe vera juice and castor oil in a water bottle.

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