Yesterday I…

Went for a 3.8 mile jog/walk while LG was in karate. The day was absolutely gorgeous and I found myself singing How Great Thou Art as I took in the view. Of course there was no singing during the jogging portion of my workout. Breathing is fundamental!

Spent most of my time at the tailgate looking at the sky. I’m telling you I was communing with nature y’all. I felt so earth mother-ish…

Rocked my “The Yard” tshirt at the JSU game. Barring any sort of upset foolishness looks like UAPB & JSU will indeed be playing for the SWAC Championship in Birmingham next month.

Drank a peach Nehi. That thing was delicious!

Stood in shock trying to figure out how one hunk of meat cost nearly as much as I spend on groceries a week. Red bow or no, I think not!!