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I’ve Got Questions. Hopefully You’ve Got Answers.

1.  Anybody use a natural soap?  I’m looking to try something with little to no chemicals in it. My skin has been acting a plum fool and I need it to calm down ASAP. I’ve got my eye on this olive oil soap, but thought I’d ask around.

2.  Do you shop on Black Friday? Any tips? I’ve only gone once and that was years ago – with my MIL and SIL. All my shopping was done. I just went for the company. But this year I’m thinking about going to Wal Mart for some housewares. Not sure if I’ll actually make it happen. The thought of fighting for a $9 crockpot isn’t all that appealing.

3.  Reading anything good? Do tell.

4.  Do you patronize (is that the right word?) televangelists? J.oel O.steen will be in Jackson in January and one of my friends is pressing me to go. Something about paying to hear the Word of God preached doesn’t sit well with me. But I have no problem buying gospel music. Hmmm….

5.  Was last night’s S.candal good? Finna watch right now and find out for myself 😉

Have a great weekend.  Be blessed!



12 thoughts on “I’ve Got Questions. Hopefully You’ve Got Answers.

  1. 1. Totally de-lurking to tell you about Dr. Bronners … it’s awesome… Peppermint, tea tree, rose and lavender.. Oh and the citrus/orange.. I purchase from Amazon_com
    2. I shop exclusively online not necessarily for BF but living overseas means no crazy fighting
    3. Reading some post – apocalyptic zombie type fiction… “The Remaining” it complements my love of The Walking Dead show and comics
    4. I like Joel Osteen & also Joyce Meyer.. I would see them if they were in my area
    5. oooh love Scandal.. actually watching it now!!

  2. 1. I have the same input- Dr. Bronners castile soap. I love peppermint and Tea Trea Oil. And it can double as shampoo and a bunch of other stuff. I have found it in Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and of course online.

    2. I’m a total bargain shopper 24/7/365 and I hate shopping. I follow enough deal sites to get what I want at a cheap price. All that waiting in line isn’t worth it and there are usually limited quantities on the really good deals.

    3. Haven’t found anything good and been reading bargain basement kindle books from the negro section to pass the time at work.

    4. If it was someone I really like, I guess I’d pay. But the more I think of it they are on tour like musicians selling out huge arenas making a ton of money? Where does that many go? Who does it help? That’s a little side eye worthy to me.

    5. I missed a few eps this season- I need to catch up.

  3. I second (third?) Dr. Bronner’s soap. We have a huge bottle in the shower as well as the milder version to use on the baby. You can find it at Target in the travel size section if you want to try it out before committing to the full size. Black soap is also great at clearing up breakouts.

    Hubby, MIL and SIL do Black Friday…at the Wal-Mart where a man was trampled a few years ago. Pass. Especially now that I’m pregnant. Cyber Monday for the win!

    Re-reading Connie Briscoe’s Sisters and Husbands while making my way through The.Total.Money.Makeover and Stormie.Omartian’s Power.of.a

    I saw Joel when he came to NYC a while back. He was pretty good, and the worship session was worth it.

    Scandal wasn’t the ultimate greatness it usually is for me, but it was a good episode.

  4. 1. My husband loves Dr. Bronners but I find it drying. I usually just swing by my co-op and buy whatever natural bar soap appeals to me at the moment and doesn’t smell like something a voodoo practitioner cooked up.

    2. I’ve never done it. I hate crowds and early morning. Plus, people are so serious about it that I find it intimidating. It’s probably never going to happen for me.

    3. Didn’t you dislike Junot Diaz’s “Oscar Wao”? I’m currently reading his latest book, “This is How You Lose Her”. I’m enjoying it but it’s reminiscent of his other collection of short stories. I’ve also been picking through “Thelonius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original” which is also pretty good.

    4. Not really. If I did, I might but I have something against paying to hear any sort of talks, sermons or speeches. Although I didn’t realize that until Cyn compared it to a concert.

    5. I think I only watched the first episode this season. I need to spend some time with Hulu this weekend.

  5. The last few bars of natural soap I purchased were from Wholefoods and I can;t readily recall the brand names.

    I’ve only been reading urban fiction not sure if you are interested. But if so: An Inconvenient Friend, Bluesday, Her Invisible Husband, The Bad Twin just to name a few.

    Scandal was indeed scandalous……..I just purchased the first season off Amazon also.

  6. i just finished reading A lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers – it was very good and I plan to write a review.
    I love great preaching, but I wont go to a stadium or pay to hear a preacher.
    I watched Scandal last night; actually didnt fall asleep. The storyline was good but the acting seems over the top.

  7. My only tip is if you go shopping make sure you go home in between stores to drop off your goods. Too many stories of people having their cars broken into because they were followed from one store to the next.

    I actually witnessed the aftermath of that happening last year.

  8. Absolutely will not do Black Friday. No deal would make me fight those crowds of insane people.

    I just finished Gone Girl. It’s not my usual kind of read, but I couldn’t put it down.

  9. Sales are still excellent Black Friday without doing door busters. Will you get a $10 flat screen? No. But there are still good deals to be had. I have no desire to pay to see people who are on tv.

  10. I’m more of a Cyber Monday vs Black Friday kinda girl.

    Love Joel! Watch him often. Nothing beats the experience of being in the building. The praise and worship, the unity and the atmosphere is something everyone should experience.

    Scandal was just okay to me. Entertaining yes. Thrilling no. I may watch again just to make sure Lol!

  11. 1. I use south of France soap. I get it from the organic market.
    2. Kohls normally has realllllly good housewares sales. That’s where I went last year. There was a line but I just waited in my car until they got in and I had no problem getting my stuff. It’s probably a more pleasant shopping experience than walmart.
    4. I haven’t paid to see one, but I would. I see it as a job and people get paid when they do their job.

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