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Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to post today. I will be glad when November 30 rolls around – I don’t think I’ll be doing this challenge next year.

Thanks for the replies to my questions.

I’ve used Dr. Bronners before. Smoochy loved it, but it was too drying for my skin and hair though I loved the tingle the mint gave. Went to the health food store yesterday and decided to give a liquid black soap a try. My skin isn’t dry/tight nor itchy – so far so good. Hopefully this soap plus my castor/grapeseed oil combo will get me through the winter with no issues. We shall see.

I’m probably not doing Black Friday. At least not the crazed middle of the night stuff. I may wander in at some point and if the crock pot and sheets I have my eye on are still there, cool.

I’m still reading free Kindle books – thrillers that have been pretty good. Also working my way through a book on the 60’s – vignettes from people who were young adults at the time. A really good read that has me wanting to learn more about the Vietnam War. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are next on deck – my mom’s reading these too. A coincidence that proves the nerd really doesn’t fall far from the tree 😉

Hope your weekend is going well – I’ve been in bed all day. Nice!

Oh, this is the soap I got:



One thought on “Almost Forgot

  1. Nubian Heritage makes great soap. I have the mango butter set, as well as the coconut and papaya. Try the Shea butter mist for your locs, it smells nice and gives a light sheen.

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