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I’ll Walk

Most of the peons (self included) at the hospital where I’m employed park in a large parking lot across the street from the hospital.  Doctors, high level administrators and those who’ve put in waaaay more time than have I are given the privilege of paying to park in lots that are closer than the 1 mile RT walk the rest of us put in daily.  There are shuttle buses that circle the lots and campus pretty regularly, but I usually refrain from riding them as they are usually full, I could use the exercise, and I don’t like making small talk on my way in to/out of work.

Today I needed to run to the bank on my lunch hour.  It was pouring down rain so I decided to wait for the shuttle bus.

When the bus arrives, I hop on, nod my head and give the driver a “hello.”   “Hey sista – what’s going on?”  “Hey now.”  And I settle in for this 5 minute ride.  Hoping for peace and quiet. ‘Twas not to be.

He promptly launches into a story about how his “old lady” is sick at home with a chest cold.  So he bought her a can of soup and gave her some corn liquor.  To “burn that ish out of her chest.”  Every time she wakes up, he gives her more corn liquor and she falls back to sleep.  I told him he was either going to cure her or kill her…

He then launched into a scolding.  Of yours truly.  Talking about how I never ride his shuttle bus so he thought I was stuck up. But he’s glad I rode today because he’s really enjoyed our conversation and he sure was going to tell his old lady that the chick with the hair finally got on his bus today…

It may be pouring cats and dogs when I leave here today.  I’m still walking to my car.  There’s only so many conversations I can have about old ladies and corn liquor in one 24 hour period.  Where is Psonya?  She’s got a gift for these conversations.  I, sadly, do not.



18 thoughts on “I’ll Walk

  1. LAWD Hammercy!! I found a latent gift for this kind of chatter when working early voting. I’m kind of scared of this. I’m not surprised since both of my parents are champions of idle chatter but I tried hard to suppress it.

  2. He was bearable until he got all personal. Uhh what are you watching me for bruh? You thought I was stuck up? Yeah, I wouldnt ride his shuttle again either. Mind your business sir.

  3. Oh, gawd! The chick with the hair finally got on his bus today…

    I might’ve asked to be let off his bus early. I think I may have even asked to be let out early somewhere because of something like this. Ughh, I hate small talk like this.

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